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    The discipline of Knowledge Management (KM) is rapidly becoming established as an essential course or module in both information systems and management programs around the world. Many KM texts pitch theoretical issues at too technical or high a level, or presenting a only a theoretical prescriptive treatment of knowledge or KM modeling problems. The Knowledge Management Primer provides students with an essential understanding of KM approaches by examining the purpose and nature of its key components. The book demystifies the KM field by explaining in a precise, accessible manner the key concepts of KM tools, strategies, and techniques, and their benefits to contemporary organizations. Readers will find this book filled with approaches to managing and developing KM that are underpinned by theory and research, are integrative in nature, and address softer approaches in manifesting and recognizing knowledge.

    1. What is KM?


    2. Knowledge Capture


    3. Knowledge Tools and Techniques


    4. Knowledge Strategies


    5. Knowledge: A Systems View


    6. Knowledge: The People Issues


    Rajeev K. Bali is a Reader in Healthcare Knowledge Management at Coventry University. He heads the Knowledge Management for Healthcare (KARMAH) research subgroup (part of the Biomedical Computing and Engineering Technologies (BIOCORE) Applied Research Group) based in the Health Design and Technology Institute (HDTI).

    Nilmini Wickramasinghe is Associate Professor at the Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology

    Brian Lehaney is Professor of Systems Management in Coventry University’s Faculty of Engineering and Computing

    "This primer is a much needed complement to the existing knowledge management literature. The authors have especially captured the essence of knowledge management. They have additionally provided illustrative cases to demonstrate effectiveness and enable dealing with the myriad of relevant issues. I encourage use of the primer for stakeholders at all levels interested in furthering their knowledge management expertise." —Doug Vogel, Chair Professor of IS, City University of Hong Kong

    "Based on actual case studies, covering a broad range of application areas, the authors, with long standing experience in the field, have put together a very comprehensive and practical introduction to Knowledge Management, inspiring readers to further investigate and study the issues, especially in the light of upcoming 2.0 technologies and their use of and dependence on tacit knowledge." —Drs Lodewijk Bos, President ICMCC

    "Knowledge Management Primer gives you a taste of what knowledge management (KM) is, along with ways to explore and apply KM strategies, tools, and techniques… Knowledge Management Primer is small, compact enough for use as a reference book or as an introductory KM course." – Technical Communication, Nov 2010