1st Edition

LGBTQ Culture The Changing Landscape

Edited By Bruce E. Drushel Copyright 2021
    140 Pages
    by Routledge

    140 Pages
    by Routledge

    Recent decades have seen remarkable changes in the cultural visibility, legal status, and social acceptance of LGBTQ+ people, from positive representations of queerness in television series like The L-Word and Will & Grace, to films about queer intersectionality like Moonlight, to openly-gay and lesbian elected officials and leaders in the business community, to the end of anti-sodomy laws and marriage discrimination. With these advances have come assimilation of the queer subculture into the mainstream and, with it, loss of both some of the stigmatization of non-heteronormativity and the very cornerstones of the distinctiveness of LGBTQ+ communities, including queer neighbourhoods, bars and nightclubs, bookstores, publications, and other queer businesses. Queer couples and their children are migrating from LGBTQ+ enclaves to neighbourhoods with better schools, queer singles meet in virtual spaces rather than in bars, and LGBTQ+ bookstores and community centres, once the hub of queer communities, are closing, replaced by Amazon.com and social media. These changes raise the question of how LGBTQ+ culture is changing and whether, like many assimilated subcultures before it, it may be in fact endangered. This book examines these seismic changes, their sociological and cultural implications, reminisces about what has been lost and gained, and hints at what the future may hold for LGBTQ+ people.

    The chapters in this book were originally published in a special issue of the Journal of Homosexuality.

    1. Introduction: Of Acceptance and Celebration

    Bruce E. Drushel

    2. For the Little Queers: Imagining Queerness in ‘New’ Queer Children’s Literature

    Jennifer Miller

    3. Failed Fatherhood and the ‘Trap of Ambivalence’: Assimilation, Homonormativity, and Effeminophobia in The New Normal

    Jonathan Branfman

    4. We Do Not Know What Queers Can Do: LGBT Community between (In)visibility and Culture Industry in Serbia at the Beginning of the 21st Century

    Andrija Filipović

    5. Tumbling into Queer Utopias and Vortexes: Experiences of LGBTQ Social Media Users on Tumblr

    Andre Cavalcante

    6. Grindr Killed the Gay Bar, and Other Attempts to Blame Social Technologies for Urban Development: A Democratic Approach to Popular Technologies and Queer Sociality

    Bryce J. Renninger

    7. The Evolution Will Not Be Broadcast (or Published): Social Capital, Assimilation, and the Changing Queer Community

    Bruce E. Drushel


    Bruce E. Drushel is Professor and Chair in the Department of Media, Journalism and Film at Miami University. He is the founding co-editor of Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture and has published numerous books, including Queer Identities / Political Realities, The Ethics of Emerging Media, Star Trek: Fan Phenomenon, and Sontag and the Camp Aesthetic: Advancing New Perspectives.