1st Edition

LabStudio Design Research between Architecture and Biology

By Jenny Sabin, Peter Jones Copyright 2018
    416 Pages 410 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    416 Pages 410 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    LabStudio: Design Research between Architecture and Biology introduces the concept of the research design laboratory in which funded research and trans-disciplinary participants achieve radical advances in science, design, and applied architectural practice. The book demonstrates to natural scientists and architects alike new approaches to more traditional design studio and hypothesis-led research that are complementary, iterative, experimental, and reciprocal. These originate from 3-D spatial biology and generative design in architecture, creating philosophies and practices that are high-risk, non-linear, and design-driven for often surprising results.

    Authors Jenny E. Sabin, an architectural designer, and Peter Lloyd Jones, a spatial biologist, present case studies, prototypes, and exercises from their practice, LabStudio, illustrating in hundreds of color images a new model for seemingly unrelated, open-ended, data-, systems- and technology-driven methods that you can adopt for incredible results.

    Introduction  Foreword: Reinventing Nature Antoine Picon  Part 1: Design Research in Practice  1. Bioconstructivisms Detlef Mertins  Case Study - Trans-disciplinary Research Practice: Contemporary Case Studies  2. Design Research in Practice: A New Model  Part 2: Design Computation Tools for Architecture and Science  3. Networking: Elasticity and Branching Morphogenesis  4. Motility: Adaptive Architecture and Personalized Medicine  5. Surface Design: The Mammary Gland as Model of Architectural Connectivity  Case Study - In Form and Measure: Digitized Dance Choreographies of Cellular Motility  Case Study - Motility and the Observation of Change  Case Study - Microfabrication: Spatializing Cell Signaling and Sensing Mechanisms  6. BioInspired Materials & Design  Part 3: Architectural Prototyping  7. The New Science of Making by Mario Carpo  8. Matter Design Computation: Biosynthesis and New Paradigms of Making  Project - Branching Morphogenesis  Project - Ground Substance  Workshop - Nonlinear Systems Biology and Design  Part 4: Personalized Architecture and Medicine  9. eSkin: Bioinspired Adaptive Materials  10. myThread Pavilion  Interview: Re-Defining Medical Education, Research + Practice through Design  Conclusion  Biographies  Image Credits  Index


    Jenny E. Sabin is an architectural designer whose work is at the forefront of a new direction for twenty-first-century architectural practice — one that investigates the intersections of architecture and science, and applies insights and theories from biology, emerging technologies, materials science, and mathematics to the design of material structures and spatial interventions.

    Peter Lloyd Jones is a biologist, whose discoveries have uncovered fundamental mechanisms in embryogenesis and human disease, including breast cancer and pulmonary hypertension. Jones’s work actively seeks and finds new solutions to complex problems via extreme collaborations within seemingly unrelated fields, including industrial, textile, and architectural design.