256 Pages
    by Routledge

    Rudolf Laban was one of the great theorists and practitioners of movement. In Laban for All, expert teachers of Laban's techniques offer simplified version of his system that can be used by anyone, from beginners to pros.

    Extensively illustrated with John Dalby's line drawings and diagrams, Laban for All lays out the basic vocabulary of the Laban system and goes on to offer specific exercises.

    The result is a thorough - and thoroughly practical - grounding in the most important movement system in use today.

    Foreword Laban Some Useful Terms and Expressions Steps Why Plato? 1. Using the Five Crystals 2. The Movement Scales 3. Space, Time, Weight and Flow 4. The Eight Basic Efforts 5. The Movement in Sound and Voice 6. Incomplete Efforts 7. The Four Drives 8. For Those Who Act 9. For Those Who Dance 10. For Those Who Teach Postscript How to Make Your Own Icosahedron Bibliography


    Jean Newlove was Laban's assistant after he went to England as a refugee in 1938. She has taught Laban's ideas at the Royal Shakespeare Company and throughout the world. Her Laban for Actors and Dancers is also published by Routledge. Actor, voice teacher, and musician, John Dalby also assisted in some of Laban's coureses and has taught around the world.