1st Edition

Labeling Theory Empirical Tests

Edited By David P. Farrington, Joseph Murray Copyright 2014
    277 Pages
    by Routledge

    278 Pages
    by Routledge

    Labeling theory has been an extremely important and influential development in criminology, but its recent advances have been largely neglected. This volume aims to reinvigorate labeling theory by presenting a comprehensive range of its modern applications.

    In the first section, Ross Matsueda chronicles the early history of the theory. Fred Markowitz then reviews labeling theory research as applied to mental illness. Francis T. Cullen and Cheryl Lero Jonson discuss the relationship between labeling theory and correctional rehabilitation. The second section, which is focused on previous tests of labeling theory, begins with a review of prior empirical tests by Kelle Barrick. Anthony Petrosino and his colleagues then summarize their meta-analysis of the impact of the juvenile system processing on delinquency. Lawrence Sherman then discusses experiments on criminal sanctions. The final segment on empirical tests of labeling theory begins with a chapter by Marvin Krohn and his colleagues on the effects of official intervention on later offending. The long-term effects of incarceration are then investigated by Joseph Murray and his colleagues. Finally, Steven Raphael reviews the effects of conviction and incarceration on future employment.

    This landmark book presents the most comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge about labeling theory, and illustrates the importance of this theory for policy and practice. It is the latest volume in Transaction's acclaimed Advances in Criminological Theory series.

    Preface 1. Empirical Tests of Labeling Theory in Criminology, David P. Farrington and Joseph Murray Part I: Development of Labeling Theory 2. The Natural History of Labeling Theory, Ross L. Matsueda 3. Labeling Theory and Mental Illness, Fred E. Markowitz 4. Labeling Theory and Correctional Rehabilitation: Beyond Unanticipated Consequences, Francis T. Cullen and Cheryl Lero Jonson Part II: Reviews of Empirical Tests 5. A Review of Prior Tests of Labeling Theory, Kelle Barrick 6. The Impact of Juvenile System Processing on Delinquency, Anthony Petrosino, Carolyn Turpin-Petrosino, and Sarah Guckenburg 7. Experiments in Criminal Sanctions: Labeling, Defiance, and Restorative Justice, Lawrence W. Sherman Part III: Specific Empirical Tests 8. Effects of Official Intervention on Later Offending in the Rochester Youth Development Study, Marvin D. Krohn, Giza Lopes, and Jeffrey T. Ward 9. Long-Term Effects of Conviction and Incarceration on Men in the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development, Joseph Murray, Arjan Blokland, David P. Farrington, and Delphine Theobald 10. The Effects of Conviction and Incarceration on Future Employment Outcomes, Steven RaphaelAbout the Authors Index


    David P. Farrington, Joseph Murray