1st Edition

Labor and Employment Issues for the Safety Professional

By Thomas D. Schneid Copyright 2011
    252 Pages 67 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    252 Pages 67 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Safety professionals interact with many other functions within the organization, including but not limited to production, human resources, and medical, with each function possessing specific laws and regulations which govern their actions and inactions. In order to function within the organizational structure, they need a working knowledge of the laws and regulations which impact his/her area of responsibility as well as the laws and regulations which impact employees, managers, and the overall organizational structure.

    An extensive examination of safety laws and regulations, Labor and Employment Issues for the Safety Professional provides a working knowledge of the impacts, requirements, and implications of safety professionals’ actions and inactions as related to state and federal laws. It presents information on an issue-by-issue basis, delineating the basics of the issue, identifying the applicable law or regulation, and presenting possible solutions to achieve and maintain compliance while achieving the safety objective. The book covers conflicts between laws and regulations and includes case law and reference points.

    This text elucidates a number of laws within the labor, employment, and related areas which may impact safety professionals in the course of their daily activities. It supplies a working knowledge of the peripheral laws and regulations that impact safety functions, allowing them to avoid potential legal "issues" and possible legal liabilities for themselves as well as their organizations.

    Labor, Management, and Safety
    At-Will Employment and Exceptions
    Labor Law and Safety
    NLRB and Labor-Management Relations
    Collective Bargaining
    Contract Administration
    Title VII and Antidiscrimination Laws
    Age Discrimination
    Wage and Hour Laws
    Federal Retirement and Welfare Laws
    Privacy Laws
    Family and Medical Leave Act and Safety
    Americans with Disabilities Act and Safety
    OSHA Inspections and Defenses
    New Cases, Laws, and Legislation
    Appendix 1: National Labor Relations Act
    Appendix 2: Wage and Hour Division (WHD): Minimum Wage Laws in the States—July 1, 2010
    Appendix 3: Spotlight on Statistics
    Appendix 4: OSHA Instruction


    Schneid, Thomas D.

    "Dr. Schneid has put together a complete compendium of important topics, tools, and, most importantly, PRACTICAL thoughts. … the CONCEPTS that Tom has explicitly put before you are KEY to your understanding and survivability in the unique environment in Safety, Legal and making a difference."
    —From the foreword by Michael J. Fagel, Ph.D., CEM, Eastern Kentucky University, University of Chicago, and Northwestern University