1st Edition

Labour Relations in Development

Edited By Alex Fernández Jilberto, Marieke Riethof Copyright 2002

    This timely and well-written collection explores the impact of economic reforms in developing and transitional economies across the world. In a first of its kind, this book examines such issues as:
    * in-depth, cross-regional analysis of the pressures for global integration
    * labour costs and their determinants: crucial factors in the success of economic strategies in attracting investment
    * how wage levels, poverty and the important role of workers as part of a civil society are linked with the consequences of global integration.
    This important book is essential reading for all those involved in labour and development economics as well as being of great interest to policy makers.

    1. Andracute; Mommen Labour in the Era of Globalization 2. Vladimir Popov Political Economy of Growth in Russia 3. Maarten Keune Institutionalizing Capitalism: Changing Labour Market Institutions in Hungary After State Nationalism 4. Paul Blokker Continuity in Change: Social Consequences of Economic Reform in Romania 5. Hans van Zon Ukraine: Changing Work Conditions in a Neo-Patrimonial Society 6. Andrey S. Makarychev Russia's Regional Labour Markets: Coping with the Pressures of Globalization 7. Incirc;s Trigo de Sousa Labour Relations in Transition: Labour-Intensive Industries in Macau 8. J. Thomas Lindblad Indonesian Labour and the Challenges of Globalization (1966-2001) 9. Claudia Sanchez Bajo Institutionalizing Labour Throughout Argentina's 'Second Great Transformation' 10. Marieke Riethof Responses of the Brazilian Labour Movement to Privatization 11. Alex E. Ferández Jilberto Neo-Liberalization of Industrial Relations: the Case of Chile 12. Antonio Carmona Bacute;z-Camargo The Condition of Labour in the New Cuban Economic Model 13. Claudia Báez-Camargo Union Responses to Privatization: Lessons from the Mexican Case 14. Piet Konings Structural Adjustment and Trade Unions in Africa: the Case of Ghana 15. Diana van Stijn The Forces of Globalization and Labour in Africa: the Case of Mali 16. Kwame Nimako Labour and Ghana's Debt Burden: the Democratization of Dependency


    Alex Fernández Jilberto, Marieke Riethof