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Labour Relations in the Motor Industry A Study of Industrial Unrest and an International Comparison

    ISBN 9781138060869
    366 Pages
    Published August 20, 2019 by Routledge

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    Published July 7, 2017 by Routledge

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    This book, originally published in 1967, takes the automobile industry experience as a basis for a wider view of industrial relations, trends and developments of the 1950s and 60s. The study also analyses the emergence of new institutions and systems of labour-management relationships. It contains chapters on the effects of automotion and technical change, on the impact of fluctuations in the market for cars and on wage trends. There are detailed surveys of some of the biggest post-war disputes and especially of trade union organization, the shop steward system, the experience of individual firms, such as Austin, Ford and Fiat. There is also a comparative survey of labour relationships in other major car manufacturing countries such as the USA, Germany and Japan.



    1. Strikes and the Car Industry Appendix: The Effects of Strikes in Car Factories 2. The Issues in Dispute Appendices: A The Car Manufacturers' Strike Statistics B Causation of Car Firm Disputes, 1921-64 3. Productivity, Growth and Technical Change Appendix: Output, Employment and Productivity Indices for Motor Vehicles, 1948-64 4. Strikes and the Level of Activity Appendix: What Happened in 1965? 5. Wages in the Motor Industry 6. The Work Workers and Work Situation 7. Trade Unions and Show Stewards Appendix: Some Smaller Strikes: From the Inside 8. The Firms Compared: And the Employers' Organization Appendix: The Strike-Liability of Individual Firms 9. The Biggest Strikes: And the Role of Individuals 10. Industrial Relations in Foreign Car Firms 11. Summaries and Conclusions

    Reviews of the original edition of Labour Relations in the Motor Industry:

    'Must surely become a standard work.' Sunday Times

    '...outstanding and authoritative work...' Times Literary Supplement

    'This book provides probably the most comprehensive examination that has yet been made of industrial disputes in a limited section of British Industry.' Data Journal.

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