1st Edition

Labour in Transition The Labour Process in Eastern Europe and China

Edited By Chris Smith, Paul Thompson Copyright 1992

    Labour in Transition (1992) examines the massive transformations undertaken by state socialist regimes at the end of the 1980s. It traces developments in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and China, in particular the impact of changes in the labour process and broader political economy. Detailed empirical analysis of reform processes is effectively combined with a broader comparative examination of capitalism, socialism and the process of transition to new social formations.

    Part 1. Introduction  1. Socialism and the Labour Process in Theory and Practice Paul Thompson and Chris Smith  Part 2. Comparing Capitalism and State Socialism  2. Bending the Bars of the Iron Cage: Bureaucratization and Informalization in Capitalism and Socialism David Stark  3. Innovation and the Division of Labour in State Socialist and Capitalist Enterprises Otfried Mickler  Part 3. Labour Process Reform in Eastern Europe  4. Economic Reform and Production Relations in Soviet Industry, 1986–90 Don Filtzer  5. A View from Within: Interview with a Soviet Auto Worker David Mandel  6. A View from Production: The Hungarian Transition from Socialism to Capitalism Michael Burawoy  Part 4. China  7. The Myth of Autonomy: The Foreign Enterprise in China Jude Howell  8. Disorganized Socialism: State and Enterprise in Modern China Paul Thompson


    Chris Smith and Paul Thompson