Lakatos: An Introduction provides a thorough overview of both Lakatos's thought and his place in twentieth century philosophy. It is an essential and insightful read for students and anyone interested in the philosophy of science.

    Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Section 1 Life and character; Section 2 Proofs and Refutations; Section 02-01-01 Dialectics; Section 02-01-02 Formalism; Section 02-01-03 Hegel; Section 02-01-04 Fallibilism; Section 03 3 The Popper-Kuhn debate; Section 4 Philosophy of science; Section 04-01-01 The methodology of scientific research programmes; Section 04-01-02 Statute and case law; Section 04-01-03 The methodology of historical research programmes; Section 04-01-04 Hacking’s interpretation; Section 04-01-05 Hegelian history; Section 04-01-06 Other Hegelian traces; Section 04-01-07 Conclusion; Section 5 The politics of reason; Section 05-01-01 Lakatos’ rationalism; Section 05-01-02 The limits of demarcationism; Section 05-01-03 Proofs and Refutations: an anarchist tract; Section 05-01-04 Reason and freedom; Section 6 After Lakatos; Section 06-01-01 Diagnosis; Section 06-01-02 Prescription; Notes; Bibliography; Index;


    Brendan Larvor

    'A valuable and insightful introduction to Lakatos's philosophy ... the best overall account currently available ... one that every university library and every scholar interested in Lakatos should have.' - Philosophia Mathematica

    'A useful and highly readable philosophical primer.' - New Scientist

    'A lucid introductory account of Lakotos' life and work in the philosophy of science.' - Network