Land Reclamation in Ecological Fragile Areas : Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Land Reclamation and Ecological Restoration (LRER 2017), October 20-23, 2017, Beijing, PR China book cover
1st Edition

Land Reclamation in Ecological Fragile Areas
Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Land Reclamation and Ecological Restoration (LRER 2017), October 20-23, 2017, Beijing, PR China

Edited By

Hu Zhenqi

ISBN 9781138051034
Published July 27, 2017 by CRC Press
604 Pages

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Book Description

Land Reclamation in Ecological Fragile Areas contains the proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Land Reclamation and Ecological Restoration (LRER 2017, Xi’an, China, 20-23 October 2017). The contributions cover a wide range of topics:

• Mining impact on environment
• Monitoring, prediction and assessment of mining impact on land environment
• Mining methods and measurements to minimize the land and environment impact
• Mining and reclamation policies, regulations and standard
• AMD treatment
• Soil and landscape reconstruction
• Revegetation and biodiversity protection
• Subsidence land reclamation and ecological restoration
• Surface mined land reclamation and ecological restoration
• Solid wastes management, waste dump and tailings pond restoration
• Case study
• Abandoned mine land reclamation and ecological restoration
• Contaminated land remediation
• Reclaimed land monitoring and evaluation
• Land reclamation supervision
• Products and industrialization
• Education, technology transfer and international cooperation of mine land reclamation
• “The Belt and Road Initiative” and mine land restoration

Land Reclamation in Ecological Fragile Areas will be of interest to engineers,scientists, consultants, government officials and students in this area.

Table of Contents

Mining and reclamation policies, regulations and standard

Surface coal mine permit application for successful reclamation, semi-arid shortgrass prairie (Wyoming, USA)
A.K. Waitkus

40 years of SMCRA: What have we learned in the state of Wyoming
B.K. Schladweiler

Risk-profit equilibrium of private capital in the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model of reclamation for coal mine subsidence
F. Li, X.J. Li, X.Y. Min & Z.L. Wu

Analysis of influencing factors of land reclamation incentive policies and regulations implemented in a mining area—a case study of Wu’an city
L.J. Yin & M.C. Fu

Integrating green infrastructure strategies in post-mining areas
W. Wende, R.-U. Syrbe, P. Wirth & J. Chang

Discussion on land reclamation and ecological restoration of mining wasteland based on a public recreation perspective
Q.W. Cui

A simulation-based framework for estimating probable open-pit mine closure time and cost
M. Paricheh & M. Osanloo

The planning of land reclamation and ecological restoration in the abandoned land left over by history
Q.W. Zhu, J.W. Wang & T. Wang

Study on renewal strategy of ecological restoration in an abandoned mining area based on the view of loess civilization
B. Wu

“The Belt and Road” strategy under the new mode of ecological restoration of mining areas
Q.W. Zhu & H.B. Yang

Monitoring, prediction and assessment of mining impact on land environment

Post-mining land-use selection by using a combination of PROMETHEE and SIR techniques
S. Amirshenava & M. Osanloo

Land ecological security evaluation in mining cities based on the PSR model: A case study of Wu’an
D.M. Fu & M.C. Fu

Experimental research on slope protection collaborated with vetiver and micropiles
Y.S. Deng, P. Wu & H. Wang

The design of hydraulic barriers: Integration between rational and observational methods
M. Cigagna, V. Dentoni & B. Grosso

Study on calculating projection deformation of measured length using an amended particle swarm optimization
X.L. Wu, Y. Gong & F.Q. Tang

Study on the acquisition technology for information on damaged land in coal-mining areas
H.B. Zhang, X.C. Wang, S.D. Wang & W.Z. Hu

Deformation mechanism and support measures of the soft rock roadway in Ronghua coal mine
F.Y. Ma

Evaluation of the ecological environment in mining areas based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method
Q.W. Zhu, T. Wang, J.W. Wang, Y.J. Sun & W.M. Liu

Evaluation for land damage in mining areas with a high underground water level based on RS
Q.J. Chen

Assessing ecological security based on fishnet: A case study of Guiyang City
B. Guo & F.Y. Xiao

The application of classified assignment and power-law models for wound space in quantitative assessments of degraded land
L.L. Zhang, P. Zhao, L.H. Gou & Z.H. Luo

Preliminary analysis of the geological hazards prediction in the process of coal mining
X.Y. Sun, H.X. Fu, D. Zhang, Z.Q. Liu & X.H. An

The application of mobile GIS in mine land reclamation monitoring
R.M. Hu, W.M. Liu, S. Wang, X.Z. Zhang & Y. Li

Object-based change monitoring in mining areas—taking Pingshuo as an example
M.L. Zhang, W. Zhou, T. Yuan, Y.H. Xie & Y.F. Li

Fast surveying and large scale mapping in the mining area of the delta wing
K.N. Zhang, Z.Q. Yang & J.F. Wu

Study on the limit angle of mining subsidence basin based on the field survey data in the mining area
Z.Z. Lian, R. He, H.B. Zhang & C.Y. Li

Formation mechanisms and characteristics of ground collapse during shallow coal seam mining
E.K. Hou, Q.H. Zhang, Y.N. Xu, X.Y. Che, Z.G. Shou & Z.C. Ji

Urban heat island effect of mining cities under mining disturbance: A case study of Wu’an
C.C. Mao & M.C. Fu

Application of fuzzy mathematics and GIS technology in the evaluation of mine environmental restoration
Q.T. Ma, G.F. Shang & S.H. Yu

Ecological footprint and carrying capacity of mining cities: A case study of Wu’an
Z.R. Wang & M.C. Fu

Landscape pattern change monitoring and predicting using remote sensing method—taking Jiaozuo as an example
P. Liu, K. Li, R.M. Han, Y.M. Yang, X.Q. Cheng & C. Ma

Monitoring of vegetation coverage by multi-temporal remote sensing images: A case study of Yulin coal mine
X.N. Chen, X. Yuan & Z.Y. Yang

Remote sensing inversion of soil organic carbon in Jining city based on decision tree classification
W.J. Sun, X.J. Li & Q.C. Li

Research of the spatial model of land use based on the CA-Markov model
C.X. Qiu, D. Han & Q.Q. Mao

Analysis on dynamic change of vegetation coverage based on NDVI: A case study of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei
Y. Mu, C.S. Zhang, X.Q. Wang, J.W. Zhang & X.Y. Zong

Research of the comprehensive improvement effectiveness assessment of coal mine subsided land under the ecological civilization
Y.F. Li, Y.X. Cui & M.H. Zhang

Evaluation index system and ecological restoration of abandoned quarries
Q.Q. Zhang & T.Z. Zhang

Experimental investigation of synthetic (top) soils for mine rehabilitation: Column leaching study
S. Biliangadi, M. Yellishetty, V.N.L. Wong, A.K. Dikshit & S. Majumdar

Dynamic monitoring and trend analysis of soil moisture in Shendong mining area based on MODIS
Y. Liu, H.R. Wang, W. Zhang & Z.Z. Meng

Regional difference analysis of ecological carrying capacity based on an emergy in Shaanxi province
B.H. Li, D.W. Jin, G.R. Ge & Y.D. Guo

Estimation and analysis of the Vegetation Coverage of “Three-North” based on MODIS data
H. Zhang, C.S. Zhang & X.Q. Wang

Research on the relation between soil micromorphology and landuse in loess tableland around Xi’an
Z.X. Zhou & J.L. Pang

Dynamic monitoring of land desertification in coal mining districts in the north of Shaanxi Province
H. Yue

Hyperspectral estimation model of plumbum concentration in soil of mining areas based on wavelet transform and random forests
J. Lv, X.M. Li & J. Kang

Quality monitoring and regional differences of ecological restoration in a mining city: A case study of Wu’an City, China
Y.Y. Ru & M.C. Fu

Surface mined land reclamation and ecological restoration

Application of a mixture of fly ash and topsoil for rehabilitation in open-pit coal mines in South East Asian countries
A. Hamanaka, S. Matsumoto, K. Murakami, H. Shimada & T. Sasaoka

Effect of acid soil properties on soil erosion at a dumping site in an open-pit coal mine, Indonesia
H. Shimada, S. Matsumoto, A. Hamanaka, T. Sasaoka & G.J. Kusuma

Trend change of soil nutrients in the green slope of an open pit coal mine dump
Q. Zhu, Z.Q. Hu, X.R. Liu, Y. Zhao & Y. Cai

Collaborative efforts towards ecological habitat restoration of a threatened species, Greater Sage-Grouse, in Wyoming, USA
P.D. Stahl & M.F. Curran

Technology and application for ecological rehabilitation on self-maintaining vegetation restoration
Y. Zhao, L.J. Chai, J. Chen & X.M. Wang

Preliminary analysis and study on land reclamation and vegetation restoration—a case study of HuaXin coal mine in TongChuan city
X.H. Li & W.H. Ma

Study on root distribution and mechanical properties of pinus tabulaeformis in dumps of an opencast coal mine, Shanxi, China
C.J. Lv, W.G. Chen, D. Chen & X.X. Guo

Study on the ecological security of Wu’an based on DPSIR
Z. Xu, J.J. Zhang & Z.Y. Li

Study on the landscape design in southern Shaanxi mining area based on similar natural terrain reconstruction
H.H. Chen

Varied soil liable organic carbon contents among reclamation patterns in Pingshuo opencast coal mine, China
Y. Yuan, Z.Q. Zhao, Y.Z. Wang, P.T. Zhu, Y. Chen & S.Y. Niu

Soil available water in texturally different soils from overburden of an open pit mine in Xilinhot
X. Wang, Y.L. Zhao, H.F. Liu & S.S. Tian

Study on the treatment method of stripping soil in an opencast mining area based on trade background
Y.Y. Li, W. Zhou & J.H. Tong

Peatland restoration after open pit mining
A. Mikhailov, A. Kim & O. Prodous

Effect of different vegetation restoration years on soil fertility in the Antaibao open pit
X. Wang, J.C. Li, J.Y. Yue, C.Y. Guo, N. Lu, Y.H. Wang & S.Q. Yang

The open-pit mining dust characteristics in the eastern Junggar coal field and its impact on the surrounding plants
J.J. Yang, Y.E. Cao, J. Wang, G. Lu, G. Wang , L.P. Zhao & X.Y. Zhang

Subsidence land reclamation and ecological restoration

Reclamation of prime agricultural farmlands: A retrospective 40 years after reclamation
R.G. Darmody & K. McSweeney

Concurrent mining and reclamation for underground coal mining subsidence impacts in China
Y.P. Chugh

Research on mining technology of extra-thick coal seam under rich water aquifers in a bitter cold steppe region
J. Fang, D.Z. Gu, Q.S. Li & Z.G. Cao

Technique of long-distance reclaiming of subsidence land with Yellow River sediments
L.H. Duo, Z.Q. Hu, Y.X. Du, K. Yang & T. Xu

Design of an ecological damage restoration scheme in a mining subsidence area—taking the Xuzhou Dawu mining area as an example
X.M. Yao & X. Cui

Physical and chemical properties of soil at different mining subsidence areas in windy and sandy regions
Y. Rong, Z.Q. Hu, Y.J. Wu & Y.M. Yuan

Using loess and wind-blown sand in cementitious material for backfill mining to control land subsidence
X.D. Wang, G.G. Xu, S.B. Zhu, H. Wang, K.K. Yuan, B.Q. Wu & F. Wang

Effect of the exploitation of mineral resources on the ecological environment in Jiaozuo
L.J. Li & S.Y. Li

Maximizing ecological services value of abandoned mine land using integrated simulation models
L.P. Zhang, Y.F. Huang, M. Cao & H.Y. Zhang

Characteristics of runoff coefficient of abandoned mine land using the storm water management model
X.D. Li, H. Yang, J. Wang, L.J. Guo & Z. Wang

Distribution and formation characteristics of karst collapse in major cities of China
L. Yang, Q. Wu, C.L. Liu, H.B. Hou & S.Q. Liu

Reclaimed soil PSD and thermal property under machinery compaction
X.Y. Min, X.J. Li & Q.C. Li

Bacterial community structure in reclaimed soil filled with coal wastes in different reclamation years
H.P. Hou, C. Wang, J.R. Li, Z.Y. Ding, S.L. Zhang, L. Huang, J. Dong, J. Ma & Y.J. Yang

Research on caving deep ore mining without surface subsidence
Y. Wang & W.B. Sun

Aggregate stability and organic carbon distribution in reconstruction soil filled with gangue from coal mining areas
Z.Y. Hu, X.Y. Chen, M. Chen, Y.Z. Zhou & F. Wang

Protection and tourism development of ancient villages in resource-exhausted mining areas—a case study of Mentougou district
C. Yang & M.C. Fu

Solid wastes management, waste dump and tailings pond restoration

Paste technology integrated solutions for effective management of sulfidic mine tailings
E. Yilmaz

An investigation of surface paste disposal for lead-zinc underground mine tailings
A. Bascetin, S. Tuylu & D. Adiguzel

Ecological restoration of coal mine degraded lands using a grass-legume mixture—a case study from India
S.K. Maiti & J. Ahirwal

Study on plant selection of a mine park based on ecological restoration theory
J.Y. Yang & Z.Y. Qi

Phytoaccumulation of trace elements by Grevillea pteridifolia Knight growing on iron ore tailings: An implication of phytoremediation
N. Chaturvedi

Characteristics of capillary water rise in coal-fired cinders by lab test
X.Y. Zhou, C.L. Jiang & P.F. Liu

Ecology analysis of invasive plants after 12 years of natural restoration in karst desertification area
Z.Q. Yang

Old mine dumps recovery: An environmental and techno-economical challenge
V. Dentoni, B. Grosso, P.P. Manca & G. Massacci

Quantitative study on the soil reconstruction of a root system in the coal resource-concentrated distribution of Shenfu mineral regions
Q. Li, G.B. Liu, F.R. Kang, W.L. Wang, Y.J. Bo & G.P. Zhao

Alders (Alnus sp.) as a potenial biological stabilizer on fly ash disposal sites
M. Pietrzykowski, B. Woś, M. Pająk, T. Wanic, W. Krzaklewski & M. Chodak

Management of coal processing wastes: Studies on an alternate technology for control of sulfate and chloride discharge
P.T. Behum, Y.P. Chugh & L. Lefticariu

Mine water management as an important part of mining and transition to post-mining in hard coal mining areas in Quang Ninh, Vietnam
K. Broemme, H. Stolpe, C. Jolk, Q.V. Trinh, F. Bilek & A. Ulbricht

Utilization of submarinetailings disposal as alternative tailings management system
E. Yilmaz

Contaminated land remediation

Treatment of metals and metalloids in neutral mine effluents using modified materials
I.L. Calugaru, C.M. Neculita, T. Genty & G.J. Zagury

Carbon and mineral feed additive produced from rice husk
S.V. Yefremova, Yu.I. Sukharnikov, N.B. Sarsembayeva, A.A. Kablanbekov, N.I. Bogdanovich , D.B. Murtazayeva & A.A. Zharmenov

Enrichment and analysis of soil heavy metals in different turfs on the golf course
S.X. Tang, P.H. Qiu, D. Wu, Z.Z. Zhao, H.P. Wu & Y. Chen

Experimental study of the production of typical pollutants from underground coal fires
Y. Pu, Q. Zeng, Z.M. Cao, S.K. Jin & L.H. Zhao

Isolation of halotolerant bacteria for degrading petroleum hydrocarbons and the optimum conditions for their activity
X.Q. Zhou & L. Yang

Case study of the evaluation of the soil pollution situation in urban industrial wasteland
P. Shi, G.X. Zhang, Y.H. Fu & S. Guo

Effects of industrial by-products on the food chain
B. Tóth, Cs. Bojtor, G. Hankovszky, D. Kaczur, Á. Illés & B. Kovács

A review of land reclamation technologies of saline-alkali soil in China
L. Zhang, J.Y. Zhang, L.H. Gao, L.F. Lv, Y.S. Liang & Y. Zhao

Does biochar promote reclaimed soil qualities?
Z. Cai, T. Zheng, M. Ahsan, H. Wang & Z.F. Bian

Characteristics and adsorption properties of cotton-stalk derived biochars
L. Yang, X.Q. Zhou, H. Deng & D.F. Ma

Spatial distribution and risk assessment of metals in overlapped areas of farmland and coal resources soils, Xuzhou, China
X.F. Sun, X. Xiao, Y.Y. Hu, J. Chang & H. Wang

The influence analysis of the heavy metals in the fly ash from the Da Tun power plant to the soil and plant around the fly ash yard
K. Zhu

Research on the correlation between land use/land cover changes and Lyme disease in Maryland
Y.L. Gong, Y.J. Wu & Y.X. Du

Effects of land use change on soil organic carbon in a karst region
J.H. Tong, Y.C. Hu & Y.Y. Li

Adsorption performance investigation of heavy metals in acid mine drainage by the microbial method
Y.J. Zhu

Comparative study of ecological restoration technology of a mining brownfield
Y.X. Feng

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Dr. Zhenqi Hu is a Professor at the China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing). His main research interests are land reclamation and ecological restoration, mining environment, application of 3S (RS,GPS and GIS) in land and environmental science, and land use and management.

Zhenqi got his Ph.D, M.E and B.E in mine surveying from China University of Mining and Technology in 1991, 1987 and 1984. He studied at the Mining Engineering Department of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale as a joint training Ph.D candidate between USA and China for his doctorate research on land reclamation from 1989 to 1991. He had one year research experience in the field of contaminated land reclamation at Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter, UK as an Honorary Research Fellow, supported by the Royal Society of UK from1996 to 1997. He is currently the director of Engineering Research Center of Mining Environment and Ecological Safety at the Ministry of Education of China and the director of the Institute of Land Reclamation and Ecological Restoration, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing).

He is a member of Coordinating Committee of International Affiliation of Land Reclamationists (representative of China), managing editor of the International Journal of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Environment and deputy director of land reclamation professional committee of China Coal Society, and received the ASMR (American Society of Mining and Reclamation) Award of Research of the Year in 2009.