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Land Reform and Sustainable Development

ISBN 9781138369542
Published February 26, 2020 by Routledge
316 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1999, this volume is unique in that it gives a valuable comparison between the current state of land reform and sustainable development across greater Europe. The chapters are broadly divided into those related to the established systems of land reform and sustainable development encountered in Western Europe, and those which concentrate upon the evolving systems which are currently in the process of development in the former communist states of Eastern and Central Europe. The book is based on the papers presented at the 21st International Symposium of the European Faculty of Land Use and Development. The papers have been presented and peer-reviewed by some of the leading experts and practitioners of Land Reform in Europe. All papers have been extensively edited and revised, and are presented as chapters within the three sections of the book: Land Reform, Sustainable Development and Rural Land Development.

Table of Contents

1. Land Reform: the Key to Sustainable Development. R. W. Dixon-Gough. 2. The Naturalists’ Dilemma and some Ecological Consequences for Development. H. Lenk. 3. Ecological Land Development and Multidisciplinary Research. G. Leidig. 4. Recent Developments in Multifunctional Rural Land Development in The Netherlands with Respect to Legal Instruments. J.K.B. Sonnenberg. 5. Sustainable Development and Land Consolidation. A. van den Brink. 6. Public and Legally-Binding Databases for Natural Resources. G. Stolitzka and R. Mansberger. 7. Geographical Informational Systems and Environmental Modelling for Sustainable Development. A. Brimicombe. 8. Institutional Systems of Agrarian Reform. P. Trappe. 9. The Necessary Foundations of Land Reform: Some Painful Post-Soviet Experiences. C. Arnison. 10. The Privatisation and Restitution Process in the Czech Republic. J. Rydval and I. Pesl. 11. Conceptions of Rural Planning Following Land Privatisation in Hungary. J. Nyiri and R. W. Rixon-Dough. 12. Land Tenure and Land Reform in South Dobrudja (North East Bulgaria). G. Andonov, M. Rizov and K. Batanov. 13. Land Reform and the Land Market in Bulgaria. G. Andonov and M. Rizov. 14. Sustainability as a Principle in Spatial Development? Questions for Policy and Education. F.B. Rosman. 15. Spatial Planning – a Key to Sustainability? G. Weber. 16. Integrated Agrarian Structures and Regional Development. E.C. Läpple. 17. The Ecological Scores Model of Lower Austria – a Programme to Foster Sustainable Cultural Landscape Development? W. Seher. 18. The Alpine Waterscape – Sustainable Tourism and Industrial Development in Lago d’Iseo. W. G. O. Zwirner. 19. Marinas and Sustainable Development: Making the Most out of Marinas. D. Williams. 20. Realisation of New Urban Areas and Sustainable Development. H. W. de Wolff. 21. The Railway Town: a Case Study in Sustainable Urban Development. R. W. Dixon-Gough. 22. Violence and the Urban Environment – Reform and Development of the Housing Stock. D. C. Doughty. 23. Sustainable Development in the Thames Gateway. R. Home. 24. Reclamation of Abandoned Land Leading to Sustainable Development. R. K. Bullard.

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’The themes of land reform and sustainable development are rarely combined in academic literature...This edited work is thus welcome as it brings together in one single volume a large variety of articles about both themes and many that explore the relationship between environmental sustainability and land reform...this volume deserves to be praised for providing papers which address practical issues often ignored in academic debates and, at the same time, making their relevance clear to any wide ranging discussions. For these and other reasons, it will certainly be of interest to both academics and practitioners concerned with the practical difficulties of land reform in Europe and the inclusion of sustainability considerations in land management.’ Environmental Politics