1st Edition

Land Use Changes in Comparative Perspective

    286 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This book is a result of the Commission on Land-Use/Cover Change of International Geographical Union summer workshop in 2000 held in Japan and Korea, which focused on comparative case studies of land-use/cover changes.

    Part I: Data and Methods
    Global Mapping for Land-Use/Cover Change Study: Hiroshi Une, et al.
    Dynamic Land Use in the Czech Republic
    Data Sources, Research Methods and Compatibility: Ivan Bicik
    Part II: Urbanization
    Spatial Pattern of Suburbanization and Land-Use Change Process
    Case Study in Jakarta Suburb: Ernan Rustiadi and Dyah Retno Panuju
    Urbanization and Challenges to Sustainable Rural Land Use in India-Comparative Case Study: R.B. Singh
    Country Residential Development as Indicated by Building Counts
    Case Study for Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: Hugh Millward
    Land-Use Changes and Land-Use Policies in the Capital Region, South Korea: Manik Hwang
    Part III: Sustainability of Rural Land Use
    Expansion of the Town Center in the Rural Area of Changjiang Delta and its Mechanism:
    A Case Study of Xishan City, Jiangsu Province, China: Zengmin Ji and Kiyoshi Torii
    Sustainable Land Use in Portugal: Ana Firmino
    Prospects of Sustainable Agricultural Development in Russia: Elena V. Milanova
    The Role of Population Change in Land-Use and Land-Cover Change in Rural Latin America
    Uncovering Local Processes Concealed by Macrolevel Data: David L. Carr
    Characteristics of Land-Use Changes in the Beijing Metropolitan Area, China: Toshio Kikuchi
    Part IV: Land Reclamation and Coastal Change
    Measuring Spatial Association of Aquacultural Land Use in Taiwan: Bor-Wen Tsai, et al.
    Land Reclamation in China from the Early 1950s to th e Late 1990s: Lu Qi, et al.
    Land Reclamation Process in Northeast China since 1900: Zhang Bai
    Urbanization around Tokyo Bay: Yasuo Masai
    Land Reclamation from Tidal Flats in Korea: A Historical Perspective: Manik Hwang
    Part V: Land-Use Change in Peripheral Areas
    Land-Use Change and Regional Development in Hokkaido: Yukio Himiyama
    Czech Frontier in the 20th Century
    Major Political Shifts Reflected in Changing Land-Use Structure: Vit Stephnek
    Comparison of Land Use Changes in and outside Biosphere Reserves in Czechia: Bicik, et al.