Originally published in 1980, this book draws together a wide range of studies dealing with various aspects of land use in a text specifically designed to guide students through the complexities of the subject. It examines the history of the subject, its techniques, applications, the models that it applies and the frameworks within which it has been carried out. Land use remains a central political and practical issue in contemporary society.

    1. Introduction: Issues and Themes 2. Land Use Data and the User 3. Conceptual and Technical Aspects of Land Use 4. Obtaining Land Use Data 5. Handling and Analysing Land Use Data 6. Land Use Within Britain 7. Models of Agricultural Land Use 8. Models of Urban Land Use 9. Reforming Land Use Models 10. Land Use Models: Alternative Interpretations 11. Reality, then, is not simpleā€¦


    David Rhind is a British geographer and expert on Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He was Vice-Chancellor of City University, London, until July 2007. Ray Hudson is Emeritus Professor of Geography at Durham University. He was previously Professor there for over 25 years and Acting Vice Chancellor for 2 years. He has published extensively on a range of topics in political economic geography.