1st Edition

Landlord and Tenant Housing the Poor in Urban Mexico

By Alan Gilbert, Ann Varley Copyright 1991

    This ground-breaking work employs survey data and in-depth interviews to compile a detailed picture of landlords and tenants in developing countries. Focusing on Mexico the authors examine the state's housing policy, with its clear bias towards increasing home ownership, and explores the possibilities of improving the quality and increasing the stock of rented accommodation in the developing World.

    Introduction 1. Research Strategy and a Brief Guide to Mexico 2. Residential Tenure in Urban Mexico Since 1940 3. Mexican Housing Policy 4. Urban Development and the Housing Market in Guadalajara and Puebla 5. Residential Tenure : Choice or Constraint 6. Landlords and the Economics of Landlordism 7. Landlord-Tenant Relations 8. The Future of Renting: Policy Options Notes Bibliography Index


    Alan Gilbert, Ann Varley

    `Gilbert and Varley provide a marvellously detailed analysis of housing choices, household budgets and the success with which the Mexican political economy has aligned the first two factors.' - John Walton, University of California

    `Gilbert and Varley have unquestionably provided an interesting and illuminating study which will be a significant source of reference for future research and action on rental shelter in less-developed countries.' - Sylvia Chan, London School of Economics