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Landmark Essays Series

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Landmark Essays is a series of anthologies providing ready access to key rhetorical studies in a wide variety of fields. The classic articles and chapters that are fundamental to every subject are often the most difficult to obtain, and almost impossible to find arranged together for research or for classroom use. This series solves that problem.

Each book encompasses a dozen or more of the most significant published studies in a particular field, and includes an index and bibliography for further study.

The Landmark Essays series is not accepting new proposals at this time.

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Landmark Essays on Rhetorical Invention in Writing Volume 8

Landmark Essays on Rhetorical Invention in Writing: Volume 8

1st Edition

Richard E. Young, Yameng Liu
November 01, 1995

In the process of assembling this collection, the editors quickly realized that no group of a dozen and a half articles can adequately represent the developments in modern rhetorical invention, even when the choices are restricted to articles on invention in writing. The articles selected for ...

Landmark Essays on Voice and Writing Volume 4

Landmark Essays on Voice and Writing: Volume 4

1st Edition

Peter Elbow
November 01, 1995

Section 1 of this volume describes three major debates about voice. They include: * the overarching debate: discourse as text vs. discourse as voice; * the traditional debate in rhetoric: ethos as real virtue in the real person vs. ethos as the appearance of virtue; and * the modern debate: ...

Landmark Essays on Writing Across the Curriculum Volume 6

Landmark Essays on Writing Across the Curriculum: Volume 6

1st Edition

Charles Bazerman, David R. Russell
November 01, 1995

Rhetoric, as a general teaching -- while preaching locality of action and guidelines for handling that locality -- has tended from the beginning to serve as a universality. It has offered a generalized techne with only limited categories, appropriate for all discursive situations, at least for ...

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