1st Edition

Landmarks of Tomorrow A Report on the New Post Modern World

By Peter Drucker Copyright 1996

    Landmarks of Tomorrow forecasts changes in three major areas of human life and experience. The first part of the book treats the philosophical shift from a Cartesian universe of mechanical cause to a new universe of pattern, purpose, and process. Drucker discusses the power to organize men of knowledge and high skill for joint effort and performance as a key component of this change. The second part of the book sketches four realities that challenge the people of the free world: an educated society, economic development, the decline of government, and the collapse of Eastern culture. The final section of the book is concerned with the spiritual reality of human existence. These are seen as basic elements in late twentieth-century society.

    In his new introduction, Peter Drucker revisits the main findings of Landmarks of Tomorrow and assesses their validity in relation to today's concerns. It is a book that will be of interest to sociologists, economists, and political theorists.

    Introduction to the 1996 Edition

    Introduction: This Post-Modem World

    Part 1: The New World-View

    Part 2: From Progress to Innovation

    1. The New Perception of Order

    2. The Power of Innovation

    3. Innovation-The New Conservatism?

    Part 3: Beyond Collectivism and Individualism

    4. The New Organization

    5. From Magnate to Manager

    6. Beyond Collectivism and Individualism

    Part 4: The New Frontiers

    Part 5: The Educated Society

    7. The Educational Revolution

    8. Society's Capital Investment

    9. Education for What?

    Part 6: "Up to Poverty"

    10. The Frontier of Development

    11. Building an Industrial Society

    Part 7 : Modem Government in Extremis

    12. The End of the Liberal State

    13. The New Pluralism

    Part 8: The Vanishing East

    Part 9: The Work to Be Done

    Part 10: The Human Situation Today


    Peter Drucker