358 Pages
    by Routledge

    358 Pages
    by Routledge

    Language Awareness in the Classroom addresses the central educational question of the impact that explicit language knowledge has on learning and language learning.

    A substantial Introduction defines the issues and key concepts and relates them to contemporary educational policy and practice in Europe and internationally. The papers are organised into four thematic sections: the extent and nature of language awareness in teacher education; school-based language awareness programmes; tertiary education initiatives and modes of evaluation of language awareness programmes.

    The Contributors

    Section I: Introduction
    1. The scope of Language Awarness, Carl James and Peter Garrett

    Section II: Language Awareness in teacher training and education
    2. Language Awareness in teacher education, Christopher Brumfit
    3. Teacher's views of language knowledge, Rosamond Mitchell
    4. Linguistic diversity and Language Awareness: the views of primary school teachers, Guy Merchant
    5. Language Awareness in teacher education programmes for non-native speakers, Tony Wright
    6. Language Awareness and second language development, Howard Nicholas

    Section III: Language Awareness in schools
    7. Language Awareness and the teaching of English language in the upper secondary school, Tony Tinkel
    8. Old problems and new solutions: LA work in GCSE foreign language classrooms, Gillian Donmall
    9. Authentic texts, pedagogical grammar and Language Awareness in foreign language learning, David Little and David Singleton
    10. The potential of Language Awareness as a focus for cross-curricular work in the secondary school, Jim Anderson
    11. Switching off: learners' perception of the appropriacy of input, Elizabeth Toncheva
    12. Learners' awareness of their learning, Nicholas Chryshochoos

    Section IV: Language Awareness at tertiary level
    13. Consciousness-raising about the writing process, Romy Clark and Roz Ivanic
    14. Language Awareness and EAP courses, Nicki Hedge and Hugh Gosden
    15. Talking about learning: establishing a framework for discussing and changing learning processes, John Holmes and Rosinda Ramos
    16. Language Awareness on area studies degrees, Lindsay Silvester
    17. Language Awareness and the computer, Phil Scholfield

    Section V: Evaluation of Language Awareness
    18. Evaluating the effectiveness of an LA course, Brian Heap
    19. The effect of explicit instruction on the acquisiton of English grammatical structures by Chinese learners, Zhou Yan-Ping
    20. A Brazilian view of LA, Mike Scott
    21. Language learning and Linguistic Awareness: the relationship between proficiency and acceptability judgements in L2, Diana Masny

    Section VI: Conclusion
    22. Language Awareness: a way ahead, Peter Garrett and Carl James

    Composite bibliography


    Carl James, Peter Garrett, Peter Garett (Lecturer In Linguistics University Of Wales, Bangor), Christopher N. Candlin