Language, Communication, and Intergroup Relations : A Celebration of the Scholarship of Howard Giles book cover
1st Edition

Language, Communication, and Intergroup Relations
A Celebration of the Scholarship of Howard Giles

ISBN 9781138308107
Published October 23, 2018 by Routledge
350 Pages

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Book Description

Language, Communication, and Intergroup Relations presents the current state of knowledge at the intersection of language, communication, and intergroup relations, drawing on interdisciplinary work from the fields of communication, social psychology, and sociolinguistics. Building from that existing work, it presents a series of provocative and innovative new directions in this area.

The work is organized around a series of five themes:

• Language and Culture

• Intergroup Communication

• Intergenerational Relations

• Interpersonal Accommodation

• Institutional Accommodation.

Within each theme, prominent scholars present reviews of the literature, which are followed by responses, reactions, and extensions from a multidisciplinary group of researchers. These responses often move beyond typical academic prose and engage with the material in novel ways, including graphical theoretical models, short personal reflections, and creative prose. It is essential reading for students and academics in the interdisciplinary fields of communication, language, and social psychology.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1

Accommodating a Legend: Howard Giles and the Social Psychology of Language and Communication

Jake Harwood, Jon F. NussBaum, Herbert Pierson, Cindy Gallois, and Jessica Gasiorek

Part II: Language and Culture

Chapter 2

Language and Culture: Part II Introduction

Herbert Pierson

Chapter 3

Language and Culture

Kimberly A. Noels, Richard Clément, Katherine Collins, and Peter MacIntyre

Chapter 4

Culture Is Essentially Meaning

Danjie Su

Chapter 5

Social Media, Culture and Identity Construction: From Mass Communication to Communication of the Masses

Martin Ehala

Chapter 6

Communicating New Racial Dynamics

Li Wei

Chapter 7

Howard Giles’s Identity in Everyday Life

Florian Coulmas

Chapter 8

Howard Giles and Accommodation to My Scouse Accent

Janet Holmes

Chapter 9

Howard Giles: Master Elucidator of Language in Social Relationships

John Edwards

Chapter 10

A Debt to Howard Giles’ Work on Language, Culture, and Communication

Min-Sun Kim

Chapter 11

Epiphany Redux: Howard Giles’ Legacy to Language and Culture

Mary Jiang Bresnahan

Chapter 12

Howard Giles: Communication’s Communicator

Robert Gardner

Chapter 13

Power, Culture, and Ethnolinguistic Relations in a South African Context

Joha Louw-Potgieter

Chapter 14

What Would Mikhail Bakhtin Say About Mutual Understanding and Self-Construals? Culture Is Essentially Meaning

Eungjun Min

Part III: Intergroup Communication

Chapter 15

Intergroup Communication: Part III Introduction

Jake Harwood

Chapter 16

Communicating Between Groups, Communicating About Groups

Tamara Rakić and Anne Maass

Chapter 17

The Intersectionality of Intergroup Communication

Jessica R. Abrams

Chapter 18

An Imaginary Conversation Between the Ghost of Henri Tajfel (HT) and Howard Giles (HG)

Rupert Brown

Chapter 19

Language Evaluation: In Defense of the Status Quo

Aaron Castelán Cargile

Chapter 20

Howie Giles, an Appreciation: Teacher, Scholar, Mentor, Friend

Miles Hewstone

Chapter 21

Categorization, Language, and Intergroup Communication

Hiroshi Ota

Chapter 22

The Father of Intergroup Communication: Ingroup/Outgroup Situations in an Online Parenting Community

Susan Fox

Chapter 23

Communicating Between the Lines, Communicating About the Lines: How a Request to Honor Howie Giles Backfired and Made Me a Published Poet

Nicholas A. Palomares

Chapter 24

Howie’s First Graduate Student: A Few Research Tales

Richard Y. Bourhis

Part IV: Intergenerational Relations

Chapter 25

Intergenerational Relations: Part IV Introduction

Jon F. NussBaum

Chapter 26

Intergenerational Communication

Mary Lee Hummert

Chapter 27

Communication Predicaments in Aging and Communication Enhancement Strategies

Ellen Bouchard Ryan

Chapter 28

Intergenerational Harmonies and Tensions

Yan Bing Zhang

Chapter 29

It Is in Howie Giles’ Work That I Found My Intellectual Home

Mei-Chen Lin

Chapter 30

Ecologies of Aging

Craig Fowler

Chapter 31

Howie Giles, Dragons, and the Intergenerational Making of Legends

Margaret Jane Pitts

Chapter 32

As I Push Off the Dock, Howie Sails Into the Sunset

Amber K. Worthington

Chapter 33

"Do You Want to Be Categorized as One of the Over Fifty-Fives?": Intergenerational Relations in a Public Context

Virpi Ylänne

Chapter 34

Howie Pays It Forward

Jon F. NussBaum

Part V: Interpersonal Accommodation

Chapter 35

Interpersonal Accommodation: Part V Introduction

Jessica Gasiorek

Chapter 36

Interpersonal Accommodation

Yan Bing Zhang and Margaret Jane Pitts

Chapter 37

Interpersonal Accommodation and Multiple Goal Frameworks

Steven R. Wilson

Chapter 38

Accommodating to Develop and Maintain Relationships

René M. Dailey

Chapter 39

Sexual (Non)Accommodation Between Midlife and Younger Gay Men and Its Implications for Social Identity

Christopher Hajek

Chapter 40

...What About Communication Accommodation Between Genders?

Mª Àngels Viladot

Chapter 41

Further Consideration of Communication Accommodation Theory

Mei-Chen Lin

Chapter 42

Future Directions for Communication Accommodation Theory: Considering the Biological Correlates of Accommodative Behavior in Interpersonal Contexts

Amanda Denes and Anuraj Dhillon

Chapter 43

Beyond Dyads: Accommodative Dilemmas in Small Group Interactions

Marko Dragojevic

Chapter 44

Iechyd Da

Robert M. McCann

Part VI: Institutional Accommodation

Chapter 45

Institutional Accommodation: Part VI Introduction

Cindy Gallois

Chapter 46

Communication Accommodation Theory in Institutional Settings: Opportunities for Applied Research

Bernadette M. Watson and Jordan Soliz

Chapter 47

The Development and Implementation of Cross-Cultural Assessments of Perceptions of Police Accommodation

Christopher Hajek

Chapter 48

Some Thoughts on CAT in Institutional Settings: Race and Criminal Justice

George B. Ray

Chapter 49

For a Sequential Accommodation

Augusto Gnisci

Chapter 50

Institutional Talk: Extending Our Understanding of Intergroup Communication in Institutional Settings

Liz Jones

Chapter 51

Communication Accommodation Theory: Considering a Dialectical Perspective on Police-Civilian Interactions

Charles W. Choi

Part VII: Conclusions

Chapter 52

Advancing Theory in Language, Communication, and Intergroup Relations

Jessica Gasiorek, Cindy Gallois, Herbert Pierson, Jon F. NussBaum, and Jake Harwood

Chapter 53

Epilogue: Resurrecting While California Dreaming—Re-Releasing Frameworks and Creating a New One

Howard Giles

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Jake Harwood (Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara) is Professor of Communication at the University of Arizona and former director of Gerontology at the same institution.

Jessica Gasiorek (Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara) is Associate Professor in the Department of Communicology at the University of Hawai?i at Manoa.

Herbert Pierson (Ed.D., SUNY-Albany) is Professor in the Department of Languages & Literatures at St. John’s University in New York and founding Co-Editor (with Howard Giles) of the Journal of Asian Pacific Communication.

Jon F. NussBaum (Ph.D., Purdue University) is Liberal Arts Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences, as well as Human Development and Family Studies, at the Pennsylvania State University.

Cindy Gallois (Ph.D., University of Florida) is Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Communication at the University of Queensland.