1st Edition

Language Intake Understanding and Improving Language Learning and Teaching

By Carol Griffiths Copyright 2025
    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    Aimed towards advanced students and researchers in language acquisition and teaching, Language Intake: Understanding and Improving Language Learning and Teaching considers the long-debated definition of language intake and its determining factors. In doing so, it presents a unique argument for language input and intake, with a particular focus on how "input", "interaction", "identity", and "investment" contribute to intake through complex intercommunication.

    The book defines each of the contributing factors of intake in turn and demonstrates the principles of language intake through interviews with successful language learners, in order to encourage teachers to take these factors into consideration so as to maximise intake of the target language.

    Griffiths proposes that these multiple factors contribute to what might be called the “Intake Hypothesis”, which can be outlined as a practicable framework to support teachers in providing rich, interesting, and extensive input, affording opportunities for interaction, respecting learner identity, and offering a motivating environment to encourage and sustain investment of time and effort, thereby contributing to intake.

    Foreword by Lilia S. Borquez-Morales

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    1. Reflections on the black hole of language intake
    2. The intake concept: Overview
    3. The role of input in the achievement of intake
    4. The role of interaction in the achievement of intake
    5. The role of identity in the achievement of intake: Biographical and sociocultural factors
    6. The role of identity in the achievement of intake: Ccognitive and psychological factors
    7. The role of identity in the achievement of language intake: Affective factors       
    8. The role of investment in the achievement of intake 
    9. Theoretical  underpinnings of language intake 
    10. The Intake Hypothesis: A summary


    Intake questionnaire



    Carol Griffiths has been a teacher, manager, and teacher trainer of English Language Teaching for many years. She has taught in many places around the world, including New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, China, North Korea, Turkey, UK, and North Cyprus. She has presented at numerous conferences and published widely.