1st Edition

Language Production: Sublexical, Lexical, and Supralexical Information A Special Issue of Language and Cognitive Processes

Edited By Jens Boelte, Matthew Goldrick, Pienie Zwitserlood Copyright 2009
    154 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Language production involves the translation of thought into speech, as instantiated by a whole range of mental operations involved in conceptualization, formulation and articulation. This special issue on language production offers a fine sample of the latest research into the various processes involved in speaking. Each contribution addresses different aspects of language production processes, from phonetic and phonological activation, the involvement of syllables in language production, lexical activation and selection, to the role of gestures in conceptualization. This collection of empirical findings and their theoretical embedding is an essential read for those working in the field of language production, in neighbouring areas of psycholinguistics and in linguistics.

    J. Bölte, M. Goldrick, P. Zwitserlood, Sublexical, Lexical and Supralexical Information in Speaking: Current Insights and Directions in Language Production Research. W. Ziegler, Modelling the Architecture of Phonetic Plans: Evidence from Apraxia of Speech. J. Cholin, W.J.M. Levelt, Effects of Syllable Preparation and Syllable Frequency in Speech Production: Further Evidence for Syllabic Units at a Post-lexical Level. M. Damian, N. Dumay, Exploring Phonological Encoding through Repeated Segments. R. Abdel Rahman, A. Melinger, Semantic Context Effects in Language Production: A Swinging Lexical Network Proposal and a Review. B. Mahon, A. Caramazza, Why Does Lexical Selection Have to be so Hard? Comment on Abdel Rahman and Melinger's Swinging Lexical Network Proposal. R. Abdel Rahman, A. Melinger, Dismissing Lexical Competition Does Not Make Speaking Any Easier: A Rejoinder to Mahon and Caramazza. S. Kita, Competing Conceptual Representations Trigger Co-speech Representational Gestures.


    Jens Boelte, Matthew Goldrick, Pienie Zwitserlood