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Language and Digital Media

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Language and the study of it are changing rapidly in the age of digital media; our use of language is gradually shaped by and is in turn shaping new media. Exploring the interplay between digital media and language in society and covering a broad selection of research contexts, books in Language and Digital Media investigate both language online and people’s practices around it, including how they create and how they use online texts. Each title includes both an overview discussion of the topic as well as analysis of data. Presenting rigorous research, yet written in an engaging and accessible manner, the series is key reading for students and researchers across language, linguistics, communication and media studies.

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Language, Creativity and Humour Online

Language, Creativity and Humour Online

1st Edition

By Camilla Vásquez
May 20, 2019

Language, Creativity and Humour Online offers new insights into the creative linguistic practices found in diverse digital contexts, such as social media platforms. It introduces new digital genres and contexts, expanding existing research on computer mediated communication (CMC) and covering key ...

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