128 Pages
    by Routledge

    128 Pages
    by Routledge

    Language and Region:

    • provides an accessible guide to regional variation in English
    • covers topical issues including loss of regional diversity and attitudes to regional accents and dialects
    • examines the use of dialect in media, advertising and the tourist industry
    • outlines the main linguistic characteristics of regional accents and dialects in terms of regional pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

    Affording hands-on practical experience of textual analysis, this book is essential reading for students of English language studies.


    Unit 1 Region, Nation, Locale

    Unit 2 Regional Language and its Uses

    Unit 3 Attitudes to Regional Language

    Unit 4 Recognising Accents

    Unit 5 Words and Things

    Unit 6 Regional Grammar

    Unit 7 Writing in Dialect

    Unit 8 Tools of the Trade


    Joan Beal

    'This is an excellent book which should find a place in all introductory courses in which accents and dialects are a central concern.' - Randall Eggert, The Linguist List