1st Edition

Languages and Literary Cultures in Hyderabad

Edited By Kousar J Azam Copyright 2018
    308 Pages
    by Routledge

    308 Pages
    by Routledge

    There is great interest in recent scholarship in the study of metropolitan cultures in India as evident from the number of books that have appeared on cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Though Hyderabad has a rich archive of history scattered in many languages, very few attempts have been made to bring this scholarship together.

    The papers in this volume bring together this scholarship at one place. They trace the contribution of different languages and literary cultures to the multicultural mosaic that is the city of Hyderabad

    How it has acquired this uniqueness and how it has been sustained is the subject matter of literary cultures in Hyderabad. This work attempts to trace some aspects of the history of major languages practiced in the city. It also reviews the contribution of the various linguistic groups that have added to the development not just of varied literary cultures, but also to the evolution of an inclusive Hyderabadi culture.

    The present volume, it is hoped, will enthuse both younger and senior scholars and students to take a fresh look at the study of languages and literary cultures as they have evolved in India's cities and add to the growing scholarship of metropolitan cultures in India.

    1. A Tentative Paradigm for the Study of Languages and Literary Cultures in Hyderabad City 2. The Poetry Society of Hyderabad 3. The Poetry Society-Hyderabad Centre: A Brief Survey 4. The Dramatic Circle of Hyderabad: DCH 5. American Studies Research Centre: The Rise and Fall of an Institution6. Languages and Literary Culture in Hyderabad: The Foreign Languages 7. The Unique Literary Traditions of Dakhani 8. Dakhani Literature: History, Culture, and Linguistic Exchanges 9. Urdu Poetry and Hyderabadi Culture 10. The Localities as Reflections of Linguistic Cultures of Hyderabad 11. Languages and Literary Cultures in Hyderabad: Arabic 12. The Daira-tul-Muarif: A Unique Language Institute of Hyderabad 13. Telugu Language in Hyderabad: A Personal Memoir 14. The Role of Literary Associations in the Promotion of Telugu Language in Hyderabad City 15. Telugu Poets of the Deccan and their Contribution to the Development of Literary Culture in Hyderabad 16. Literary Translation and Contribution of Hyderabad to Hindi 17. Hindi Prose Writing in Hyderabad 18. Hindi Journalism in Hyderabad City 19. Growth of Malayalam Language and Culture in Hyderabad City 20. Contribution of Sri Gunderao Harkare to Sanskrit Literature and Tradition 21. Growth of Marathi Language and Literature in Hyderabad City 22. Tamilians, Tamil Language and Literature in Hyderabad 23. Kannada in Hyderabad: Past and Present 24. Preservation and Digitization of Rare Literature: A Case Study of Osmania University Library, Hyderabad


    Kousar J. Azam, Professor and former Head, Department of Political Science, Osmania University, Hyderabad, has held many academic and administrative positions including the Chairmanship of the Southern Regional Centre of ICSSR and membership of APPSC. Recipient of Ford, Fulbright, Rockefeller fellowships and the Best Teacher Award of the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, she has lectured at many universities in India and abroad. She has authored/edited, nine books and is currently, Honorary Advisor at the Osmania University Centre for International Programmes.