1st Edition

Languages for Developing User Interfaces

Edited By Brad A. Myers Copyright 1992
    480 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    476 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    This book brings together a number of researchers and developers from industry and academia who report on their work. It is of interest to language designers and the creators of toolkits, UIMSs, and other user interface tools.

    Introduction Part I: Programming Languages for End Users 1. The User Interface is the Language 2. A Component Architecture for Personal Computer Software 3. Design Support Environments for End Users 4. The Use-Mention Perspective on Programming for the Interface 5. Why the User Interface is Not the Programming Language-and How It Can Be Part II: Programming Languages for Programmers 6. How Programming Languages Might Better Support User Interface Tools 7. Requirements for User Interface Programming Languages 8. Languages for the Construction of Multi-User Multi-Media Synchronous (MUMMS) Applications 9. Ideas from Garnet for Future User Interface Programming Languages 10. Constraint Imperative Programming Languages for Building Interactive Systems 11. An Active-Value-Spreadsheet Model for Interactive Languages 12. Properties of User Interface Systems and the Siri Programming Language 13. A Foundation for User Interface Construction 14. User Interface Programming with Cooperative Processes 15. Constructing User Interfaces with Functions and Temporal Constraints 16. Different Languages for Different Development Activities: Behavioral Representation Techniques for User Interface Design 17. Hints on the Design of User Interface Language Features—Lessons from the Design of Thring Part III: Workshop Reports 18. Report of the End-User Programming Working Group 19. Report of the User/Programmer Distinction Working Group 20. Report of the Linguistic Support Working Group 21. Future Research Issues in Languages for Developing User Interfaces


    Myers\, Brad A.