1st Edition

Large Space Structures Formed by Centrifugal Forces

By V A Koshelev, V M Melnikov Copyright 1998

    This book describes a feasible means of constructing such a reflector, as well as simple, reliable and low-cost structures for television and radio transmissions, debris removal from space and the development of solar sails for interplanetary missions. The aim of this book is thus to provide a comprehensive overview of the research in the technology of such space based structures expanded by centrifugal forces.
    The most promising concepts and design solutions for different applications are addressed. Particular emphasis is placed on deployment dynamics of space-based structures and their retrieval techniques: the reorientation of expanded film sheets in space, selecting film folding patterns, tethering systems, and deployment mechanisms, and controlling the deployment-retrieval process by space vehicles. Also featured are sections on ground and orbital simulation.

    1. Analytical Overview 2. Status of Developments 3. Dynamics of Deployment from Stowed Configuration and Repackaging 4. In-Orbit Re-Orientation of Structures Expanded by Centrifugal Forces 5. Structures, Materials and Processes used to Fabricate Film Reflectors, Strength and Reflectance 6. Ground Experimental Simulation 7. Development of Space-Based Film Reflector of 20m Diameter (Znamya-2 Experiment) 8. Design Studies on Large Space Structures


    Koshelev, V A; Melnikov, V M