1st Edition

Laser Applications in Physical Chemistry

By Evans Copyright 1989

    This book provides an introduction on applications of lasers in Chemistry. It describes laser as a tool for chemistry, the consideration involved in describing a laser beam and what happens to beam as it is propagated through a gas. The book is useful for graduates and advanced undergraduates.

    1. Laser Properties and Beam Characteristics 2. Laser Beam Transport 3. Parametric Dependencies and Interactions in Infrared Laser-Induced Photochemistry 4. Applied Laser Photochemistry in the Liquid Phase 5. Laser Separation of Tritium 6. Multiphoton Ionization Photoelectron Spectroscopy: MPI-PES 7. The Spectroscopy of Transient Species in Supersonic Free Jet Expansions 8. Recent Progress in the Theory of Laser-Assisted Collisions 9. Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy and Chemical Events


    D.K. Evans