1st Edition

Lasers in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage Principles and Applications

    336 Pages
    by CRC Press

    364 Pages
    by CRC Press

    With the maturation of laser technology in diagnostic and conservation applications, conservation scientists, archeologists, art historians, researchers, and advanced science-oriented students now have the tools necessary for preserving the future of our past-our cultural heritage. Presenting recent developments in the field, Lasers in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Principles and Applications addresses the basic concepts of laser applications and supplies case studies of analytical, structural diagnostic, and laser cleaning applications. The book provides a comprehensive presentation of the fundamental principles and applications of modern laser technology in the analysis of composition, diagnostics of structural integrity, and conservation of artworks and antiquities.

    Beginning with an introduction to the basic techniques used in art conservation and archeology, the book describes the fundamental aspects of laser-matter interactions, emphasizing laser diagnostics and laser processing applications. The next few chapters focus on laser-based spectroscopic techniques for the analysis of the composition of materials in art and archaeology, including laser-induced breakdown, Raman, and laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopic techniques. The book proceeds to highlight nondestructive diagnostic techniques, laser processing applications, laser applications for the cleaning of paintings and stone, and methods for the removal of encrustations. It concludes with case studies for the conservation of materials like parchment, paper, metal, ivory, and wood, and includes conservation approaches for modern paintings.

    Bridging science with art, Lasers in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage presents a systematic overview of the fundamentals and applications of laser techniques in artwork conservation and archeological science.

    Introduction. Fundamentals of the Laser Diagnostics and Interactions with Matter. Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS): Cultural Heritage Applications. Raman Spectroscopy in Cultural Heritage. Laser Interferometry for Structural Diagnostics. Overview of Laser Processing and Cleaning Methods. Laser Cleaning of Polymerized Substrates: Removal of Surface Resin from Paintings. Laser Cleaning of Encrustations. Laser Cleaning of Other Materials.


    Fotakis, Costas; Anglos, D.; Zafiropulos, V.; Georgiou, Savas; Tornari, Vivi