1st Edition

Late- and Postglacial Oscillations of Glaciers: Glacial and Periglacial Forms

Edited By H. Schroeder-Lanz Copyright 1983

    This volume represents the proceedings from a colloquium held in West Germany in 1980 on late and postglacial oscillations of glaciers. The main texts are in German (13), English (8) and French (5) but all have abstracts in the three languages and all the figure captions are similarly translated.

    Alps 1. Observations on early Holocene glacier readvances in Val Viola (upper Adda Valley, Prov. Sondrio/Italy) 2. New findings about history of late Pleistocene in the central Sillon Alpin of the French Northern Alps and its environment 3. Glacial evolution in the French Southern Alps during the last fifteen thousand years 4. Research on the timing of periglacial processes in the Zemmgrund, Zillertal Alps 5. Some considerations on the climate during the Egesen advance (Younger Dryas, 11 000-10 000 B.P.) in the Central Alps of the Western Tyrol, Austria 6. The Val de Nendaz (Valais, Switzerland) - a type locality for the Egesen advance and the Daun advance in the Western Alps 7. On late glacial rock fall development of glacially overdeepened valleys in the conglomeratic molasse mountains along the northern margin of the Alps near Immenstadt, Bavaria 8. Western Alps glacier stades. New observations and interim statement 1980 9. The late- and postglacial in the Berninapass region 10. A map of late- and postglacial moraines in the Ferwall group (Western Austria) Norway 11. Observed and theoretical late weichselian shore-level changes related to glacier oscillations at Yrkje, South-West Norway 12. Research on the déglaciation and valley development in the Döralen/Rondane 13. Lateglacial moraines, gletschervorfelds and periglacial forms in the Visdalen, Jotunheimen, central South Norway Pyrenees, Iberia 14. Recent morphological studies about the late- and neoglacial in the upper Ossau valley, Pic du Midi, Western Central Pyrenees 15. Extreme low lying evidences of a wuermian glaciation in northwestern Spain and northern Portugal 16. The late- and postglacial glacier oscillations of the East Pyrenees Massif Central 17. Glacier oscillations and periglacial phenomena in the French northeast Central Massif (Monts du Forez et du Pilât) 18. Halts and ice margin formations of the Bärental-glacier, southern Black Forest Outside Europe 19. On late-glacial and holocene glacier fluctuations in maritime West Antarctica 20. Late- and postglacial glacier fluctuations in Mexico: observations and paleoclimatic interpretation 21. Contribution to the glacial history of the Borup Fiord area, northern Ellesmere Island, N.W.T., Canada 22. Postglacial glacier stades of Nugssuaq Peninsula, West Greenland (70° 3'-70° 10') 23. Déglaciation and early holocene history of the Lake Emma cirque basin, San Juan Mountains, Colorado 24. On morphodynamics of thufurs and palsas in the arctic tundra of North America and northern Europe Chronological questions 25. Secular variations of oakgrowth in middle Europe 26. Establishing lichen growth curves by repeated size (diameter) measurements of lichen individua in a test area — a mathematical approach


    H. Schroeder-Lanz (Edited by)