Latin American Women Writers: An Encyclopedia  book cover
1st Edition

Latin American Women Writers: An Encyclopedia

ISBN 9780415979719
Published December 10, 2007 by Routledge
640 Pages

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Book Description

Latin American Women Writers: An Encyclopedia presents the lives and critical works of over 170 women writers in Latin America between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries. This features thematic entries as well as biographies of female writers whose works were originally published in Spanish or Portuguese, and who have had an impact on literary, political, and social studies.

Focusing on drama, poetry, and fiction, this work includes authors who have published at least three literary texts that have had a significant impact on Latin American literature and culture. Each entry is followed by extensive bibliographic references, including primary and secondary sources.

Coverage consists of critical appreciation and analysis of the writers' works. Brief biographical data is included, but the main focus is on the meanings and contexts of the works as well as their cultural and political impact. In addition to author entries, other themes are explored, such as humor in contemporary Latin American fiction, lesbian literature in Latin America, magic, realism, or mother images in Latin American literature. The aim is to provide a unique, thorough, scholarly survey of women writers and their works in Latin America. This Encyclopedia will be of interest to both to the student of literature as well as to any reader interested in understanding more about Latin American culture, literature, and how women have represented gender and national issues throughout the centuries.

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Absatz, Cecilia . Acosta de Samper, Soledad . Agosín, Marjorie. Agustini, Delmira. Alarcón Folgar, Romelia. Alegría, Claribel . Allende, Isabel . Alonso, Dora . Alvarado de Ricord, Elsie. Alvarez Ponce de León, Griselda. Ameilda, Julia Lopes de . Amor, Guadalupe Teresa (Pita Amor). Angel Marulanda, Albalucía. Antillano, Laura. Araújo, Nara . Archanjo, Neide. Arias, Olga. Arredondo, Inés . Arvelo Larriva, Enriqueta. Assunção, Leilah. Azevedo Castro, Ana Luisa.

Baião, Isis. Barragán de Toscano, Refugio. Barros, Pía. Bellessi, Diana. Belli, Gioconda . Berenguer, Amanda. Berman, Sabina. Biagioni, Amelia. Bins, Patricia. Blanco Castillo, Yolanda. Bobes León, Marilyn. Bombal, María Luisa. Borinsky, Alicia. Bormann, Maria Benedita (Délia). Borrero, Juana. Bosco, María Angélica. Boullosa, Carmen . Brunet, Marta. Buitrago, Fanny . Bullrich, Silvina. Burgos, Julia de.

Cabello de Carbonera, Mercedes. Cabrera, Lydia. Cáceres, Esther de. Calderón, Teresa. Campesino, Pilar. Campobello, Nellie. Campos, Julieta. Campuzano, Luisa. Canetti, Yanitzia. Canto, Estela. Cárdenas, Nancy. Cartagena Portalatín, Aída. Casas, Myrna. Castellanos, Rosario. Castillo, María Josefa del. Caulfield, Carlota. Cerda, Martha. César, Ana Cristina. Chaviano, Daína. Colasanti, Marina. Conde, Rosina. Coralina, Cora. Coutinho, Sonia. Crespo de Britton, Rosa María. Cross, Elsa. Cruz, Sor Juana Inés de la. Cunha, Helena Gomes Parente. Cuza Malé, Belkis.

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