1st Edition

Latin Historians

Edited By T. A. Dorey Copyright 1966

    First published in 1966, Latin Historians gives an account of some of the most important Latin historians. There are chapters on Caesar, Sallust, Livy and Ammianus Marcellinus, together with an account of earlier historians, and on Polybius, the Greek who had much influence on the Roman World. Bede, the earliest of the great Christian historians in England, is also discussed. This book will be of interest to students of history, literature and classical studies.

    Introduction 1. The Early Historians E. Badian 2. Polybius F. W. Walbank 3. Caesar: the ‘Gallic War’ T. A. Dorey 4. Sallust G. M. Paul 5. Livy P. G. Walsh 6. Ammianus Marcellinus E. A. Thompson 7. Bede J. Campbell Index


    T. A. Dorey