1st Edition

Latina Issues Fragments of Historia(ella) (Herstory)

Edited By Antoinette S. Lopez Copyright 1999

    This book attempts to make Latina history visible and Latina voices heard. It focuses solely on women – not to marginalize Latina stories but to showcase them, illustrating Latina perspectives on colonization, gender, race, and class.

    vii Introduction -- 2 Malintzin Tenepal: A Preliminary Look into a New Perspective /Adelaida R. Del Castillo -- 29 The Widowed Women of Santa Fe: Assessments on the Lives of an Unmarried Population, 1850-80 /Deena J. Gonzalez -- 55 Dead Ends or Gold Mines?: Using Missionary Records in Mexican-American Women's History /Vicki Ruiz -- 79 The Chicana in American History: The Mexican Women of El Paso, 1880-1920 — A Case Study /Mario T. Garcia -- 102 Puertorriquenas in the United States: The Impact of Double Discrimination /Lourdes Miranda King -- 111 Labor Market Stratification: The Chicana Experience /Denise Segura -- 147 Day Work in the Suburbs: The Work Experience of Chicana Private Housekeepers /Mary Romero -- 163 Cuban Women in the U.S. Labor Force: Perspectives on the Nature of Change /Yolanda Prieto -- 183 Se me acabo la cancion: An Ethnography of Non-Consenting Sterilizations Among Mexican Women in Los Angeles /Carlos G. Velez-1 -- 204 Chicanas and the Law /Virginia Martinez -- 217 Hispanic Women Breaking New Ground Through Leadership /Gloria Bonilla-Santiago -- 237 Political Familism: Toward Sex Role Equality in Chicano Families /Maxine Baca Zinn -- 252 Marital Decision-Making and the Role of Machismo in the Chicano Family /Lea Ybarra -- 269 Chicanas and the Issue of Involuntary Sterilization: Reforms Needed to Protect Informed Consent /Antonia Hernandez -- 305 Privacy and the Regulation of the New Reproductive Technologies: A Decision-Making Approach /Antoinette Sedillo Lopez -- 331 The Implications of Being a Society of One /Rachel F. Moran -- 343 Two Legal Constructs of Motherhood: Protective Legislation in Mexico and the United States /Antoinette Sedillo Lopez -- 359 The Development of Chicana Feminist Discourse, 1970-1980 /Alma M. Garcia -- 382 Chicana Studies: Is There a Future for Us in Women Studies? /Tey Diana Rebolledo -- 389 Ain't I a Feminist? /Celina Romany -- 401 Chicanas and El Movimiento /Adaljiza Sosa Riddell -- 413 Abnormal Intimacy: The Varying Work Networks of Chicana Cannery Workers /Patricia Zavella -- 431 Acknowledgments.


    University of New Mexico School of Law.