1st Edition

Latinos Facing Racism Discrimination, Resistance, and Endurance

By Joe R. Feagin, José A. Cobas Copyright 2014
    185 Pages
    by Routledge

    185 Pages
    by Routledge

    Feagin and Cobas provide the first in-depth examination of the everyday racism faced by middle-class Latinos. Based on a national survey, we learn how a diverse group of talented Latinos Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Cuban Americans, and others respond to and cope with the commonplace white racial framing and discriminatory practices. Drawing on extensive interviewing, the authors address the recurring discrimination of ordinary whites directed against Spanish speakers and individuals with presumed Latino phenotypes. These incidents occur in everyday encounters, such as when male and female Latinos travel or shop. The book also chronicles the mistreatment that Latinos face from immigration officials when they cross US borders and from the police when they are racially profiled outside Latino areas. Critical and conforming Latino responses to recurring white discrimination are also extensively examined, as well as the diverse Latino reactions to remedial programs like affirmative action and to the ideal of assimilation into the proverbial US melting pot. "

    1. Racializing Latinos 2. Spanish Language: Denigration and Racialization 3. The Racialization of Place and Space: Latinos in Public Spaces 4. Operating Out of the White Frame: Latino Adaptation and Conformity 5. Affirmative Action Programs: Latino Opposition and Support 6. Melting Pot, or Not: Latinos and Whiteness 7. The Great Demographic Shift and the US Future


    Joe R. Feagin, José A. Cobas

    “One of the more vibrant debates among contemporary scholars of race and immigration concerning the racial fate of Latinos”
    —American Journal of Sociology

    “An outstanding overview of theories of racism…an excellent read for students and scholars in the field. Summing Up: Highly recommended.” —CHOICE

    “Latinos Facing Racism is an up to date, clear and well documented [book] that highlights the pervasiveness of the dynamics of racial discrimination still active in American society.”

    “Feagin and Cobas wake the daydreamer who assumed in 2013 that Latinos are now viewed as American as apple pie, that they are seen as the warp and weave of our nation’s fabric. With passionate prose and solid scholarship, they point out the stereotypes, images, words, narratives, ways of speaking, and other white racial framings that perpetuate two ranks of American citizens. Their volume is a needed memorandum to remind us that the freedom from discrimination has not been achieved in the United States.”
    —Otto Santa Ana, University of California–Los Angeles

    “The explanatory power of the ‘white racial frame,’ grounded in compelling histories, elucidates these detailed accounts of Latino experiences in the United States. Attention to the power of the frame to shape these experiences is balanced by emphasis on a long tradition of Latino resistance. An original, important, and useful book.”
    —Jane H. Hill, University of Arizona