1st Edition

Latinos in Ethnic Enclaves Immigrant Workers and the Competition for Jobs

By Stephanie Bohon Copyright 2001

    This work explores the competition for jobs between different Latin American immigrant groups in the U.S. economy. Bohon's research looks at occupational status attainment among Latino groups in Miami and three other U.S. cities with flourishing Latino enclaves.

    List of Tables; Acknowledgments; 1. Latino Immigrants and Ethnic Enclaves; 2. Segmented Assimilation and Queuing; 3. Ethnic Enclaves and Enclave Theory; 4. Data and Methods; 5. Occupational Attainment within Latino Enclaves; 6. Discrimination and Competition among Long-Term Immigrants; 7. Discrimination and Competition among Recent Immigrants; 8. Conclusion; Appendices; Notes; Bibliography; Index


    Stephanie Bohon