Lattice Gas Methods For Partial Differential Equations  book cover
1st Edition

Lattice Gas Methods For Partial Differential Equations

ISBN 9780367152741
Published May 31, 2021 by CRC Press
582 Pages

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Book Description

This book provides an overview of the directions that lattice gas research has taken from 1986 to early 1989. It shows potential users and lattice gas scientists what research has been completed and gives some indication of the utility and limitations of lattice gas models.

Table of Contents

Basic Papers 1. Calculations Using Lattice Gas Techniques (Reprint) 2. Lattice-Gas Automata for the Navier-Stokes Equation (Reprint) 3. Cellular Automaton Fluids 1: Basic Theory (Reprint) 4. Lattice Gas Hydrodynamics in Two and Three Dimensions (Reprint) 5. Density and Velocity Dependence of Reynolds Numbers for Several Lattice Gas Models 6. Viscosity of a Lattice Gas (Reprint) Computer Hardware Papers 7. Prospects for a Lattice-Gas Computer 8. Cellular Automata Machines 9. RAP1, a Cellular Automaton Machine for Fluid Dynamics (Reprint) Hydrodynamic Studies and Application Papers 10. Reynolds Number Scaling of Cellular-Automaton Hydrodynamics (Reprint) 11. Immiscible Cellular-Automaton Fluids (Reprint) 12. Analogy between Hyperscale Transport and Cellular Automaton Fluid Dynamics (Reprint) 13. Use of the Boltzmann Equation to Simulate Lattice-Gas Automata (Reprint) 14. Numerical Simulations of Hydrodynamics with Lattice Gas Automata in Two Dimensions (Reprint) 15. Numerical Experiments on Lattice Gases: Mixtures and Galilean in variance (Reprint) 16. Transport Coefficients for Magnetohydrodynamic Cellular Automata (Reprint) 17. The Effect of Galilean N on-Invariance in Lattice Gas Automaton One-Dimensional Flow (Reprint) 18. A Posieuille Viscometer for Lattice Gas Automata (Reprint) 19. Green-Kubo Formalism for Lattice Gas Hydrodynamics and Monte-Carlo Evaluation of Shear Viscosities (Reprint) 20. Cellular Automata for Hydrodynamics with Free Boundaries in Two and Three Dimensions (Translation from French) 21. Simulation of 2-D Von Karman Streets using a Lattice Gas (Translation from French) 22. Flow of a Lattice Gas between Two Parallel Plates: Development of the Poiseuille Profile (Translation from French) 23. Lattice Gas Hydrodynamics, Green-Kubo Formula (Translation from French) 24. Lattice Gas Automata in the Boltzmann Approximation (Translation from French) More Partial Differential Equations 25. New Cellular Automaton Model for Magnetohydrodynamics (Reprint) 26. Two Cellular Automata for Plasma Computations (Reprint) 27. Numerical Experiments with Lattice Lorentz Gases 28. A Cellular Automaton for Burgers' Equation (Reprint) 29. Simple Lattice Gas Models for Waves (Reprint)

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