Law, Crime and Culture

Law, Crime and Culture

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The Law, Crime and Culture series explores an increasingly important and topical area of interdisciplinary research, covering a broad range of themes from understandings of social and legal order in individual cultures to intersections of criminological, legal and cultural inquiry. The series promotes cross-disciplinary and comparative research and the series editors actively welcome submissions on the many and varied topics related to crime, social control, and legal culture across the world.

  • The EU Anti-Corruption Report: A Reflexive Governance Approach book cover

    The EU Anti-Corruption Report

    A Reflexive Governance Approach, 1st Edition

    By Andi Hoxhaj

    This book analyses the development of anti-corruption as a policy field in the European Union with a particular focus on the EU Anti-Corruption Report. It reconstructs the origins of anti-corruption policy in the 1990s when the EU started to recognise corruption as a serious crime with a…

    Hardback – 2019-11-19 
    Law, Crime and Culture

  • The Social Construction of Corruption in Europe book cover

    The Social Construction of Corruption in Europe

    1st Edition

    By Dirk Tänzler, Konstadinos Maras

    The volume demonstrates the suitability of the theory of social constructivism in portraying and analyzing the diversity of the phenomenon of corruption. The approach of social constructivism taken in this volume is able to reconstruct the 'construction of corruption' both from a societal…

    Paperback – 2017-05-24
    Law, Crime and Culture