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Law and Anthropology: Law and Anthropology

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The series is intended as a forum for the publication of outstanding scholarly contributions that strive systematically to involve legal practitioners in the research, thinking, and theorizing about the search for justice and the accommodation of diversity in contemporary pluralistic societies. It focuses on applied legal anthropology, giving equal weight both to an anthropologically informed understanding of diversity of normative orders (often existing side-by-side within a single state system) and to the practical, pragmatic experience and concerns of legal practitioners (judges, lawyers, legal services representatives, etc.) who, in their daily practice, confront the phenomenon of ‘internormativity’ – situations where different normative logics come into contact (and often conflict) with one another – and the resulting need for state legal systems to accommodate this diversity.

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Normative Spaces and Legal Dynamics in Africa

Normative Spaces and Legal Dynamics in Africa

1st Edition

Edited By Katrin Seidel, Hatem Elliesie
June 29, 2020

African legal realities reflect an intertwining of transnational, regional, and local normative frameworks, institutions, and practices that challenge the idea of the sovereign territorial state. This book analyses the novel constellations of governance actors and conditions under which they ...

State Law, Dispute Processing And Legal Pluralism Unspoken Dialogues From Rural India

State Law, Dispute Processing And Legal Pluralism: Unspoken Dialogues From Rural India

1st Edition

By Kalindi Kokal
August 07, 2019

This book presents an ethnography of dispute processing by non-state forums and actors in rural India. As such it sheds light on a much neglected and contested topic. Arising in the context of recent legal and political debates that question the legitimacy of non-state actors engaged in dispute ...

Personal Autonomy in Plural Societies A Principle and its Paradoxes

Personal Autonomy in Plural Societies: A Principle and its Paradoxes

1st Edition

Edited By Marie-Claire Foblets, Michele Graziadei, Alison Dundes Renteln
November 20, 2017

This volume addresses the exercise of personal autonomy in contemporary situations of normative pluralism. In the Western liberal tradition, from a strictly legal and theoretical perspective the social individual has the right to exercise the autonomy of his or her will. In a context of legal ...

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