1st Edition

Law and Bioethics Intersections Along the Mortal Coil

By George P. Smith II Copyright 2012
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    George P. Smith, II is a leading figure in the world of medical law and ethics. During his long career he has addressed some of the most important issues in bioethics and has contributed much original thought to debates in the field. This book celebrates his contribution to scholarship in this area and brings together his key writings in bioethics. The chapters include previously published material which has been substantially updated to reflect recent developments in medicine and law. The book covers topics such as: human rights and medical law; the allocation of resources and distributive justice; ethical relativism; science and religion; and public health emergencies.

    Taken as a whole, this book examines the extent to which law, medicine, economics, and bioethics interact as synergistic vectors of force in shaping and setting both personal and public responses to the complexities of biotechnology, or what has been referred to as "The New Biology." All too often, past considerations of this topic have neglected to recognise the synergistic influences of law as a catalyst for codifying contemporary values into normative standards. Professor Smith reaches the conclusion that if traditional bioethical principles are to be seen as pertinent constructs for policy making, they must be broadened through the law of public health and Human rights. Law and Bioethics: Intersections along the Mortal Coil casts law as the pivotal force in bringing stability to the ongoing debates on how to maintain bioethical relevance in decision making and in so doing, it offers an excellent overview of the current bioethical issues in medical law considered in light of recent and ongoing technological developments in medicine.

    This book will be of particular interest to academics and students of Law, Political Science, Philosophy and Economics.

    1. Introduction and Overview  2. Bioethical Challenges  3. Law, Religion, and Medical Science  4. Human Rights, Health Care, and Bioethics  5. Allocating Health Care Resources  6. Public Health Emergencies  7. Autonomy, Decisional Capacity and Informed Consent  8. An Easeful or Troubling Death


    Since l967, Professor George P. Smith, II has been seen as a pioneer in the field of Bioethics, and  for the past 36 years has taught law and lectured internationally at The Catholic University of America School of Law. Professor Smith has been acknowledged by U.S. Judge Richard A. Posner as "one of the world’s leading experts on the Legal and ethical issues raised by modern medicine."

    ‘There is probably no one writing today who has a greater insight into these quandaries, and who offers a more assured approach to their solution, than George Smith’ Justice Michael Kirby, writing for Global Studies Journal, Indiana University, 2012