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Critique of the Legal Order Crime Control in Capitalist Society

Critique of the Legal Order: Crime Control in Capitalist Society

1st Edition

By Richard Quinney, Randall G. Shelden
May 31, 2001

Originally published thirty years ago, Critique of the Legal Order remains highly relevant for the twenty-first century. Here Richard Quinney provides a critical look at the legal order in capitalist society. Using a traditional Marxist perspective, he argues that the legal order is not intended to...

Custom An Essay on Social Codes

Custom: An Essay on Social Codes

1st Edition

Edited By Ferdinand Tonnies
March 30, 2014

In Custom , Ferdinand Tonnies illustrates the relationship of custom to various aspects of culture, such as religion, gender, and family. Tonnies argues that all social norms are evolved from a basic sense of order, which is largely derived from customs. As such, custom refers to the ideal, and the...

The Sociology of Law Classical and Contemporary Perspectives

The Sociology of Law: Classical and Contemporary Perspectives

1st Edition

By A. Javier Trevino
April 15, 2008

The purpose of this book is to introduce the sociology of law by providing a coherent organization to the general body of literature in that field. As such, the text gives a comprehensive overview of theoretical sociology of law. It deals with the broad expanse of the field and covers a vast amount...

Corporate Crime

Corporate Crime

1st Edition

By Peter Yeager
October 31, 2005

Corporate Crime, originally published in 1980, is the first and still the only comprehensive study of corporate law violations by our largest corporations. The book laid the groundwork for analyses of important aspects of corporate behavior. It defined corporate crime and found ways of locating ...

Sociology of Law

Sociology of Law

1st Edition

By Georges Gurvitch
January 31, 2001

Georges Gurvitch occupies an interesting position in the development of the sociology of law. In the period immediately preceding its quantitative expansion, he produced an explicitly conceived systematic theoretical intervention. What is particularly significant about Gurvitch's Sociology of Law ...

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