1st Edition

Law and Theology in the Middle Ages

By G.R. Evans Copyright 2002
    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    An unrivalled introduction to a fascinating subject, Law and Theology in the Middle Ages explores the relationship between law and theology in medieval Europe. Focusing on legal and theological responses to justice, mercy, fairness, and sin, this text examines the tension between ecclesiastical and secular authority in medieval Europe, illustrating areas of dispute in a clear and accessible way.

    Introduction; Part 1 Good behaviour; Chapter 1 The justice of God; Chapter 2 Sin and breaking the law; Chapter 3 The public interest?; Part 2 Theology and putting law into order; Chapter 4 Paradoxes; Chapter 5 Mapping the law; Chapter 6 The court system; Part 3 Theology and the teaching of law; Chapter 7 Law schools; Chapter 8 Creating the academic discipline of law; Chapter 9 The professional advocate; Chapter 10 A moot point; Chapter 11 Legal argument and the mediaeval study of logic; Part 4 Law and theology in procedure; Chapter 12 The theory and the practice; Chapter 13 Equity and the mediaeval idea of fairness; Chapter 14 The development of procedural treatises; Chapter 15 Natural justice; Part 5 Inquiry, inquisition and summary procedure; Chapter 16 Notoriety; Chapter 17 Shortening the process; Part 6 Outcomes; Chapter 18 Divine judgement, human judgement; Chapter 19 Judicial discretion; Chapter 20 Evidence; Chapter 21 Sentencing; Chapter 22 Appeal; Chapter 23 Justice and mercy; Chapter 24 Conclusion;


    G. R. Evans teaches mediaeval theology and intellectual history at the University of Cambridge. She is the author of Philosophy and Theology in the Middle Ages and Fifty Key Medieval Thinkers, both published by Routledge.

    'The book fulfils the promise of its title ... I would like to recommend it for lawyers, theologians and historians: it will be well worthwhile!' - Journal of Beliefs and Values