1st Edition

Lead Chalcogenides Physics and Applications

By D. Khokhlov Copyright 2002
    720 Pages 131 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Lead Chalcogenides remain one of the basic materials of modern infrared optoelectronics. This volume presents the properties of lead chalcogenides, including the basic physical features, the bulk and epitaxial growth technique, and the 2-D physics of lead chalcogenide-based structures. In addition, the theoretical appraoches for band structure and impurity state calculations are reviewed.

    Lead Chalcogenides: Basic Physical Features, Y. Ravich · Phase Diagrams and Growth of Bulk Lead Chalcogenide Crystals, V. Zlomanov and L. Yashina · Molecular Beam Epitaxy of IV-VI Heterostructures and Superlattices,G. Springholz · Optical Properties and Low Dimensional Systems of IV-VI Semiconductors, H. Pascher and G. Bauer · Lead Telluride n-I-p-I Structures: An Electronic System in the Intermediate Regime Between Two and Three Dimensions, J. Oswald · Semimagnetic Semiconductors Based on Lead Chalcogenides, T. Story · Doped Lead Chalcogenides, L. Ryabova and B. Akimov · Band Structure and Impurity States in the Lead Chalcogenides, B. Volkov · Laser Application of IV-VI Semiconductors, A. Ishida and H. Fujiyasu · The Application of Lead Chalcogenides in Thermoelectric Devices, Z. Dashevsky · Lead Chalcogenide Infrared Detectors Grown on Silicon Substrates, H. Zogg · Infrared Photodetectors Based on Doped Lead Tellurides, D. Khokhlov