1st Edition

Lead On! Motivational Lessons for School Leaders

By Pete Hall Copyright 2012
    192 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    192 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    Every school leader will benefit from this must-have book by award-winning educator Pete Hall. In it he shares his wisdom, insights, and lessons lived and learned with educators at all stages of their careers. His lively, readable style makes it easy to follow his practical tips and strategies for taking action, goal-setting, motivating others, gaining perspective, and so much more! The ideas for motivational strategies jump out from the pages, and combined with the common-sense approach, make this a go-to, appealing reference for educators to use over and over again. Timeless lessons in this book include:

    • Making It Fun Again    
    • Hope Ain't a Strategy                
    • The Power of Positive Phrasing                
    •  And many more!

    My Personal Leadership Mentors
    And Into the Office We Go
    Lessons Learned and Lessons Shared
    How Can You Use This Book?

    Part I: Get Motivated
    Always Strive to Be a Better You
    The Attack
    Leading Off the Edge of the Map
    Get Bent: Hell-Bent
    Why 100 Percent Matters
    Hope Ain't a Strategy
    The True Beauty of Goals
    Ten Lessons I've Learned from My Students
    Reviving the American Dream
    600 Reasons to Do It Again Next Year
    Reflection Questions

    Part II: Embrace Change
    Three Steps to Embracing Change
    Get Your Learnin' On
    Two Pieces of the High-Quality Puzzle
    Less Is More
    The Power of Positive Phrasing
    Morphing Your School into a Literacy Academy
    Changing Addresses
    My Three Favorite Things: Data, Data, and Data
    Presentation Style: Medium, Double-Shot, Nonfat, with a Splenda
    Dog Training and American Schools
    Reflection Questions

    Part III: Supera Diem
    Making It Fun Again
    Who's Your Joey Amalfitano?
    The Upside
    Stop It!
    Why I Wear Red Socks to School
    57 Games
    Seven Seconds
    Get Out of That Chair!
    Who's Doing the Work Here, Anyway?
    Four Things You Must Do in the New Year
    Reflection Questions

    Part IV: The Principalship
    Delegate and Prioritize Your Way to Effective
    T2: Togetherness and Teamwork
    The Matter of Mentoring
    Teacher Selection Counts: Six Steps to Hiring
    Turning Teacher Evaluations on Their Ears
    Confronting Concerns with Teacher Performance
    The Bull's-Eye of School Discipline
    Before "Lightning" Strikes
    Charismatic Leaders and Ego
    Panning for Gold in the Era of Accountability
    Reflection Questions



    Pete Hall

    "I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lead On; Motivational Lessons for School Leaders. Overall, I was captivated by the thought process of interactions and change management, including how to embrace change, being proactive and seeking out elements that need change, and how to conduct ones self-amongst different personalities."

    --Kyle Gibbs, Paraprofessional, Woodbridge High School, Delaware