1st Edition

Leadership Coaching with Horses The Power of Psychometrics and Biofeedback

By Michele Damone Copyright 2025
    138 Pages 2 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    138 Pages 2 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Leadership Coaching with Horses offers a transformative approach to leadership development, combining the intuitive power of equine-assisted learning with the precision of biometric technology and psychometric profiling.

    This book introduces a pioneering method that harnesses the unique sensitivities of horses alongside advanced biofeedback mechanisms like heart-rate variability (HRV), providing a comprehensive pathway to enhance personal and professional growth. Delving into the synergistic relationship between humans and horses, this guide details how such interactions foster heightened self-awareness and emotional intelligence. It presents a structured framework for leadership sessions that merge feedback from horses with robust data from biometric and psychometric assessments, enabling a detailed exploration of leadership traits and behaviours and offering measurable outcomes for development.

    Distinguished by its novel integration of biometrics and psychometrics into leadership coaching with horses, this book is designed to deepen understanding and enable leaders to make real-time, impactful enhancements to their leadership styles. With practical applications, case studies, and a clear articulation of benefits, it is an essential resource for coaches, HR professionals, and leaders seeking innovative, evidence-based tools for advancement.

    Introduction  1. Foundations of Leadership Coaching with Horses  2. Integrating Biofeedback in Coaching  3. Psychometric Profiling in Leadership Coaching  4. The Convergence of Equine Wisdom, Psychometric Insights, and Biofeedback in Leadership  5. Embracing Continuous Growth: A Lifetime Leadership Journey  Appendix I  Appendix II



    Dr. Michele Damone, founder of Nature Motivation and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, inspires leaders and organizations to achieve transformative change. Drawing on his background in criminology and behavioral science, he pioneers groundbreaking coaching strategies that blend biometrics and psychometrics profiling with horse-assisted coaching, empowering leaders to reshape cultures and accelerate growth.

    "What will an assertive company leader do if the task is to convince an animal to follow them that is five times of their own size and is ready for a flight response at any time? They will get very clear feedback whether they have managed to build trust or not. Being a prey animal and a domesticated species, horses are extremely responsive to human body language. This is what horse-assisted coaching builds on. In order to remind leaders of foundational needs, humans share with animals: “to be seen, understood and connected” – as Dr Damone puts it in his book."

    Dr. Zsófia Virányi (behavioural biologist), Messerli Research Institute


    "A worthwhile, well-written and insightful book with unique and valuable perspectives. I highly recommend it.”

    Linda KohanovAuthor of The Tao of EquusThe Power of the HerdThe Five Roles of a Master Herder, and other books on the transformational potential of the horse-human bond.