1st Edition

Leadership Principles and Purpose Developing Leadership Effectiveness and Future-Focused Capability

By David Sharpley Copyright 2024
    330 Pages 53 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    330 Pages 53 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    330 Pages 53 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    This book provides a fresh perspective on leadership and the steps required to achieve high performance. It explores how we create purpose by moving from vision and values through principles to action.

    Effective leaders not only support and develop people but develop systems (anchored in principles and procedures) that increase future-focused capability. Increasingly, we need to appreciate the building blocks that link to sound ‘third generation’ corporate governance. This includes Environmental and Social Governance (ESG). We all benefit from understanding the elements that contribute to exceptional leadership.

    The book explains how principles shape competencies and build motivation and commitment. The insights also reveal the importance of confirmed competence. This enhances self-belief and increases personal confidence when faced with challenging situations. It adds to resilience. Building on principles helps clarify how energy is best directed to achieve high performance. This also ensures consistency of approach. Values need to be made explicit through principles, which support the design of systems and help shape the culture of the workplace. Principles have relevance for managers, team leaders, and professionals who want to gain insight into how we enhance motivation and commitment at work. However, the information contained in this book goes further as it also raises self-awareness and encourages reflection on the broader issue of how people find meaning and purpose.




    List of Figures

    Preface: Future-Focused Leadership

    About the Author




    Elements of Exceptional Performance

    Identifying Superordinate Principles


    Part 1    Gaining Insight


    1.         Leadership Essentials                     

                Understanding a VUCA World

    Developing High Performance

    Steps to Increased Effectiveness             

    2.         Invisible Trip-Wires           

                Achieving Exceptional Performance

    Barriers to Learning Agility

    The Importance of Insight

    3.         Motivation & Commitment

                Setting Objectives and Creating Incentives

    Management Standards and the Motivational Pathway

    Maintaining Balance

    4.         Leadership Insights

    Vision and Effective Action

    Profiling Effective Leaders

    Motivation and Purpose at Work                        

    5.         Authentic Leadership         

    Developing Leadership Ability

    Gaining Insight from Balanced Processing

    Challenges Facing Authentic Leaders

    6.         Developing Capability        

                Exploring Work Behaviour

    Improving Performance Management

    Developing Resilience

    7.   Coaching for Exceptional Results      

    Solution Focused Coaching

    Purposeful Conversations

    Additional Questioning Techniques

    8.   Developing Potential            

    Seeing Things Clearly

    The Rules of the Game

    Developing Future-Focused Potential


    Part 2    Taking Action                           


    Introduction: Developing Leadership Skills                                 

    Module  1:   Elements of High Performance                    

    Module  2:   Effectiveness at Work                                 

    Module  3:   The Work Preference Report

    Module  4:   Analysis and Problem Solving                      

    Module  5:   Developing Opportunities               

    Module  6:   Working with People                                   

    Module  7:   Personal Impact and Influence                     

    Module  8:   Effective Decision-Making                          

    Module  9:   Focusing on Outcomes                               

    Module 10:  Summary and Review                                  


    Part 3        ChatGPT Comments


    Clarifying Concepts & Principles

    1.  Intangibles, Corporate Culture & Value

    2.  ESG Requirements and ‘Returns to Shareholders’

    3.  Ethics, Values and Superordinate Principles

    4.  ‘First Principles’ vs. Superordinate Principles

    5.  AGI and Leadership Capability

    6.  Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) and Job Crafting

    7.  Doughnut Economics and Leadership

    8.  The Concept of ‘Emotional Labour’

    9.  Legacy Thinking and a Quantum Future

    10. The Consequences of Systemic Educational Deficits

    11. The Impact of Performance-Related Pay

    12. Super-Ps and Post Modernist Theory




    1         Superordinate Principles & Self Determination Theory

    2         Team Index Overview   

    3         Bayesian Reasoning and Occam’s Razor

    4         How Principles Get Hijacked 


    David Sharpley is a senior business psychologist specializing in developing potential and creating conditions for exceptional performance. He has completed extensive research relating to leadership, guiding principles, and purpose. David has also developed the Pario online resources, which include surveys, 360 feedback, and work-preference profiling.

    His experience includes collaboration with JCS Investments in Ghana, facilitating new business, and developing capability. David has extensive experience relating to the design and implementation of senior management/leadership development. Significant UK initiatives include work with BT, the financial sector, FTSE 250 companies, the NHS, and leading charities. He understands key factors affecting motivation and commitment.

    David has also run Master-Class workshops on Competency Profiling & Assessment in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Bangkok. His lecturing experience at Warwick University (WMG) explored issues relating to Organizations, People, and Performance. David has the experience and insight needed to question outdated ideas and identify how to achieve exceptional performance.