1st Edition

Leadership and Diversity in Psychology Moving Beyond the Limits

    238 Pages
    by Routledge

    238 Pages
    by Routledge

    Leadership and Diversity in Psychology explores the topic of leadership and diversity from a range of different perspectives. The authors draw from professional experience and research to support their reflections on leadership with diverse populations, leadership in organizations and developing leadership style.

    Incorporating current theory and up-to-date research concerning current trends towards more relational and integrative work, the book emphasises practitioners’ reflections of their own experience. It reflects the contemporary focus towards more pluralistic/integrative practice, which has moved away from traditional orientations involving specific ways of working.

    Leadership and Diversity in Psychology will be of great interest to academics and researchers in the fields of clinical and counselling psychology and organizational psychology as well as professional practitioners.


    Maureen McIntosh, Helen Nicholas and Afreen Husain Huq

    Part 1: Leadership with diverse populations

    Chapter 1. The legacy of Black oppression: Growth and resilient leadership

    Dr Maureen McIntosh

    Chapter 2. The role of leadership for gay black practitioners: How do we craft authority from micro-aggressions and multiple identities? A personal story

    Ben Amponsah

    Chapter 3. The different aspects of equality in the leadership agenda in the BPS

    Zenobia Nadirshaw

    Chapter 4. Young black males’ attitudes towards therapy

    Sharon Akinkunmi

    Chapter 5. Social justice, leadership and diversity

    Rachel Tribe

    Chapter 6. Ethics and social justice 

    Tony Wainwright, Lyndsey Moon, Neha Cattra née Malhotra, Tasim Martin-Berg

    and Simon Toms


    Part 2: Developing your leadership style

    Chapter 7. Power and privilege in psychology: Can we have egalitarian leadership?

    Laura Anne Winter

    Chapter 8. Disability and identity: Reflections on my journey as a disabled woman, student and counselling psychologist

    Sarah Supple

    Chapter 9. Dyslexia: Shackles far beyond the written word

    Ute Liersch

    Chapter 10. Managing self, managing others: What does owning one’s perspective add to leadership when you are a black woman in the NHS? 

    Lorraine Gordon


    Part 3: Leadership in organizations

    Chapter 11. The challenges of authenticity: Leadership as a lesbian

    Daisy Best

    Chapter 12. Social justice, leadership, and multi-cultural competency amongst applied psychology trainees

    Tony Ward

    Chapter 13. Reflective leadership in a multi-disciplinary team

    Nicola Massie

    Chapter 14. Women in senior management: Exploring the dynamics of diversity in attaining senior leadership positions

    Roxane L Gervais

    Chapter 15. Diversity from an organisational perspective: Past, present and future directions

    Misha Jechand


    Maureen McIntosh, Helen Nicholas and Afreen Husain Huq


    Maureen McIntosh is a Chartered Senior Counselling Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). She has worked in the NHS since 2002 with older adults and adults. She is an Associate Fellow of the BPS and she was the BPS Chair of the Division of Counselling Psychology [2016–2018].

    Helen Nicholas is a counselling psychologist, registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), a chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS), a EMDR accredited practitioner and a registered coaching psychologist. She teaches on the BSc counselling psychology and clinical psychology and is the course lead for the MSc Counselling at the University of Worcester.

    Afreen Husain Huq is a Clinical Psychologist retired from the NHS, having worked in the NHS between 1985 and 2015 with older adults and been involved in diversity work in clinical practice as well as the BPS (formerly the Faculty for Race and Culture, and the FPOP).