1st Edition

Leadership and Management Principles in Libraries in Developing Countries

By Wei Wei, Sue O'Neill Johnson Copyright 2002
    210 Pages
    by Routledge

    210 Pages
    by Routledge

    Learn leadership skills from achievements at special libraries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Central America!

    Leadership and Management Principles in Libraries in Developing Countries is a compilation of success stories epitomizing management and leadership strategies from developing nations around the globe. This book focuses on library administrators from Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Central America who have significantly transformed their library services in spite of limited funds and a lack of resources. You'll learn about their achievements, their techniques, and the strengths and skills they used—which can help you become a stronger leader at your own library.

    Leadership and Management Principles in Libraries in Developing Countries is a collection of selected entries to the Special Libraries Association Leadership and Management Division’s 2003 International Paper Competition for special librarians in developing countries. Each author describes the effective leadership and management that made their special library initiatives successful, providing references, tables, step-by-step instructions, and handy checklists for other librarians to use.
    In Leadership and Management Principles in Libraries in Developing Countries, library officials discuss the development of successful programs at special libraries such as:

    • the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, India—where a team of people with diverse backgrounds worked together to digitally modernize their traditional library
    • the Agricultural Libraries and Special Libraries in Tropical Biology located in Indonesia—where special librarians found innovative ways to access funding support and expertise from foreign institutions, international relief agencies, and library associations
    • the Information Resource Centre at The Mildmay Centre in Kampala, Uganda—where the new Mobile Patient Library Services project provides information materials to patients with HIV/AIDS and their caregivers
    • the American Cultural Center Library (now called the Rosa Parks Library) in Niamey, Niger—where the library was restructured from a simple reading room into a diverse cultural resource of exhibitions, seminars, and multilingual reference materials
    • the Federal Ministry of Industry headquarters Library in Nigeria—where the library transformation was made possible through good leadership style, managerial expertise, and effective staff organization
    • the University of Swaziland Libraries in Swaziland—where a strategic planning initiative helped the library widen Internet access, secure subscription funding for database access, and purchase updated equipment to enrich the instructional, research, and administrative functions of the library
    This book represents a body of practical experience, problems, lessons, and techniques that can be shared and tried by those who want to know more about or deal with the special needs and circumstances of librarians in developing countries. Leadership and Management Principles in Libraries in Developing Countries will show you how to improve both service and outreach to your local community by becoming a leader at your special library, whether you are the librarian, mid-level manager, director, or information consultant. Library science faculty and students will also find that this book illustrates the benefits of good leadership and management.

    • Introduction (Wei Wei, Sue O’Neill Johnson, and Sylvia E. A. Piggott)
    • ASIA
    • Transforming a Traditional Library into a Hybrid Library: Use of Leadership and Managerial Skills at the Central Library, IIT Delhi (Jagdish Arora)
    • The Role of Leadership and Innovative Management in Building Rural Knowledge Centers to Reach the “Unreached” (Subbiah Arunachalam)
    • The Application of Leadership and Management Principles in Libraries: A Case Study of the Central Library and Kashmir Information Resource Center (KIRC), The University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (Muhammad Yaqub Chaudhary and Muhammad Umar Farooq)
    • The Application of Leadership and Management Principles and Strategies to a Library and Information Service (P. R. Goswami)
    • Application of Leadership and Management Principles for Libraries: Some Reflections from India (V. K. J. Jeevan)
    • Traditional Values Still Relevant in Library Usage and Readership Enhancement: Challenges Before a Librarian (K. A. Raju)
    • How Can the College Libraries of Western China Conform to Digital Trends? (Wang Fang)
    • Development of a Web Site for a Commercial Bank Corporate Library in Sri Lanka (Shivanthi Weerasinghe)
    • Indonesian Libraries in Agriculture and Tropical Biology: Crises, Reforms and the Ongoing Need for International Support (Widharto)
    • Library Services—Application of Management Principles (Pradnya Yogesh and Alan Dalton)
    • The Application of Leadership and Management Principles and Strategies in a Bureaucratic Environment: The Case of Federal Ministry of Industry Headquarters Library, Nigeria (Imo J. Akpan)
    • The Role of Mobile Patient Library Services in Providing Palliative Care to People Living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda (Michael Kasusse)
    • Leveraging Natural Skills to Overcome Traditional Ways in a Third World Library (Foli Kuevidjen)
    • Library and Information Services (LIS) Strategic Planning in a Developing Country: A Case Study (Paiki Muswazi)
    • The Application of Leadership and Management Principles and Strategies in an Information Resource Center in Burkina Faso (Josephine Ouedraogo)
    • The Application of Leadership and Management Principles to an Information Service—The British Council Management Information Centre, Mombasa (Mary N. Stevens)
    • Research Translation in South Africa (Mariam Stuurman)
    • Working Locally, Thinking Globally in the Beginning of Library Management and Leadership (Toshka Borisova)
    • Librarianship in Azerbaijan: What Can a Leader Do? (Muzhgan Nazarova)
    • Cautious but Decisive: Ten Years of Information Services Implementation at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala (Grete Pasch)
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Wei, Wei; O'Neill Johnson, Sue