1st Edition

Leadership and Supervision

Edited By Ami Rokach Copyright 2022
    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume is dedicated to examining various points of view of what leadership is, and how the leader supervises those whom he trains.

    It is divided into three conceptual sections: The Leader, which examines various dimensions of leadership and what it means to lead; The Leader’s Effect on Others, which as the title indicates it looks at the effect and influence that a leader may have on others; and Organizational Culture, the effect of the leader on the culture of the organization or institution.

    The chapters in this book were originally published in The Journal of Psychology.

    Introduction: The Many Shades of Leadership and Supervision

    Ami Rokach

    PART I The Leader

    1. Investigating Leader Role Congruity and Counterproductive Work Behavior

    Benjamin Biermeier-Hanson and Patrick Coyle

    2. Predicting Leader Emergence with Bright and Dark Traits

    Maureen A. Conard

    PART II The Leader’s Effect on Others

    3. When Core Self-Evaluation Leads to Career Adaptability: Effects of Ethical Leadership and Implications for Citizenship Behavior

    Xiao-min Xu and Kun Yu

    4. Leader–Follower Congruence in MD Propensity and UPB: A Polynomial Regression Analysis

    Jun Song, Jin Yang and Changqing He

    5. Supervisor Incivility and Employee Job Performance: The Mediating Roles of Job Insecurity and Amotivation

    Yuhyung Shin and Won-Moo Hur

    6. Inclusive Leadership and Innovative Work Behavior: Examination of LMX Perspective in Small Capitalized Textile Firms

    Basharat Javed, Abdul Karim Khan and Samina Quratulain

    7. Trust in Supervisor and Job Engagement: Mediating Effects of Psychological Safety and Felt Obligation

    Ameer A. Basit

    8. Work Engagement: Investigating the Role of Transformational Leadership, Job Resources, and Recovery

    Amy J. Hawkes, Amanda Biggs and Erin Hegerty

    9. What Does Leaders’ Character Add to Transformational Leadership?

    Patrick Liborius

    10. Is Charismatic Leadership Effective When Workers Are Pressured To Be Good Citizens?

    Dewaynna Horn, Christopher J. Mathis, Sammie L. Robinson and Natasha Randle

    PART III Organizational Culture

    11. Mitigating the Harmful Effect of Perceived Organizational Compliance on Trust in Top Management: Buffering Roles of Employees’ Personal Resources

    Dirk De Clercq and Dave Bouckenooghe

    12. Bouncing Back from Setbacks: On the Mediating Role of Team Resilience in the Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Team Effectiveness

    Isabel Dórdio Dimas, Teresa Rebelo, Paulo Renato Lourenço and Carina Isabel Pereira Pessoa

    13. Psychological Capital, Team Resources and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

    Ronit Bogler and Anit Somech

    14. Servant Leadership and Follower Outcomes: Mediating Effects of Organizational Identification and Psychological Safety

    Aamir Ali Chughtai

    15. When Supervisors Perceive Non-Work Support: Test of a Trickle-Down Model

    Tsung-Yu Wu, Shao-Jen Lee, Changya Hu and Chun-Chi Yang


    Ami Rokach is a clinical psychologist who has been researching and teaching about loneliness, human sexuality, and psychotherapy for the past 40 years. Ami is Executive Editor of the Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied, and a clinical psychologist who combines offering individual, couple and sex therapy with teaching and research. He is a member of the psychology departments at York University in Canada, and Walden University in USA.