1st Edition

Leadership for Kids Curriculum for Building Intentional Leadership in Gifted Learners (Grades 3-6)

    154 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Gifted students may possess the seeds of gifted leadership or may be expected to lead because of their intellectual capacities. And, as with any potentiality, leadership ability should be developed. This book looks beyond current definitions and examples of leadership to offer a framework within which to cultivate skills and abilities of leaders for this millennium. The curriculum nurtures leadership potential in elementary gifted learners through mini-lessons and activities that are structured around the four leadership frames developed by Bolman and Deal, researchers in organizational leadership. Gifted leaders may or may not be born. But they definitely can be fostered.

    Grades 3-6

    Introduction Lesson 1: Looking at Leadership Lesson 2: Defining Leadership Lesson 3: Eminent Leadership Lesson 4: Finding Leadership Lesson 5: Thoughts on Leadership Lesson 6: Leadership Orientation Chapter 1: The Structural Frame Lesson 7: Alphabet Sound-Off Lesson 8: The Gist of Structural Leadership Lesson 9: Bookmarking Lesson 10: Problem Solving Lesson 11: Free Play Lesson 12: Creating a Solution Lesson 13: New Highway Lesson 14: FrameSpeak Lesson 15: Timelines Chapter 2: The Human Resource Frame Lesson 16: Card Stacking Lesson 17: Bookmarking Lesson 18: Tic-Tac-Toe Lesson 19: FrameSpeak Lesson 20: Rules Lesson 21: Timelines Lesson 22: Trends Lesson 23: We Have a Problem Lesson 24: Show Your Stuff Chapter 3: The Political Frame Lesson 25: Building Consensus Lesson 26: The Gist of Political Leadership Lesson 27: Graphic Leaders Lesson 28: Spy Game Lesson 29: FrameSpeak Lesson 30: More FrameSpeak Lesson 31: Ping-Pong Pyramid Lesson 32: Questions and Interviews Lesson 33: Blogging Chapter 4: The Symbolic Frame Lesson 34: Making Meaning Lesson 35: The Gist of Symbolic Leadership Lesson 36: Technology and the Symbolic Frame Lesson 37: Webbing the Symbolic Frame Lesson 38: Create-a-Problem Lesson 39: Appreciating the Symbolic Frame Lesson 40: Fine Arts Chapter 5: Leader Stories and Culminating Activity References About the Authors


    Cecelia Boswell, Ed.D., is an educator who has 40 years of experience in Texas education. She has worked with children from kindergarten through grade 12 as a teacher of migrant and gifted children and as a coach for UIL literary events. She has coordinated migrant services, ESL, bilingual, and gifted education.

    JJ Colburn, M.Ed., CAE, serves as president and partner at Strategic Association Management in Austin, TX.