1st Edition

Leadership for Sustainability and Change

By Cynthia Scott, Tammy Esteves Copyright 2013

    We live in challenging times. New leaders are enhancing their "inner game" to maximize their organizational impact, and using the principles of sustainability to help their organizations thrive and innovate in response to 21st century challenges.

    Leadership for Sustainability and Change is a concise, practical and energizing distillation of what is working for today's most successful sustainability leaders. It provides a clear set of actions you can take to generate transformation, with results yielding market advantage, eco-efficiency, product or service innovation, personal resilience and engaged communities.

    Learn from the experience of successful sustainability leaders how to: build personal resilience and agility to lead change for the long-run; sustain innovation that is released in bursts of focused "energy for good"; draw attention to what is working by focusing on the power of small differences; decrease resistance and increase motivation with a change acceleration model; identify stages of individual and organizational readiness for change; use rapid prototyping to increase group engagement; tell compelling stories to encourage teams to initiate action.

    Leadership for Sustainability and Change offers guidance for leaders who are shaping the future of sustainability within their organizations. The book includes a simple framework for assessing your progress, so that you can revisit the tools and processes you need most.

    Introduction: You (yes, you!) can lead sustainability changePart I: A new leader is emerging1. Sustainability is a journey2. New leaders need new skillsPart II: Navigational tools for leaders3. Beware of benchmarking4. Sense, scout, synthesize, steerPart III: Maintaining resilience and agility5. Have a purpose6. Transparency not perfection7. Living in legacy8. Make sustainability your brand9. Stay strengths focused10. Preventing burnout11. Leading for sustainability and change


    Scott, Cynthia; Esteves, Tammy