1st Edition

Leadership in the Life Sciences Ten Lessons from the C-Suite of Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Companies

By Brian D. Smith Copyright 2020

    The healthcare professionals who save and extend our lives are helpless without the medicines and technologies that have revolutionised medical care. But the industry that invents, makes and provides these indispensable tools is transforming under the pressure of ageing populations, globalisation and revolutions in biological and information technology. How this industry adapts and evolves is vitally important to every one of us.

    This book looks inside the heads and hearts of the people who lead the global pharmaceutical and medical technology industry. It describes how they make sense of their markets and the wider life sciences economy. It reveals what they have learned about how to lead large, complex organisations to compete in dynamic, global markets.

    Leadership in the Life Sciences is essential reading for anyone working in or with the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry and its halo of supporting companies. Written as ten succinct lessons, it gives the reader unique insight into what the industry’s leaders are thinking. Covering topics from leadership to organisational culture, from change management to digital disruption and from competitive strategy to value-creation, each chapter distils the accumulated wisdom of those who lead the complex and turbulent life sciences industry.



    Lesson 1: The Life Sciences Industry Really is Exceptional,

    Lesson 2: The Mission Matters,

    Lesson 3: The Big Issue is Bicongruence,

    Lesson 4: The Leader is a Decisive Facilitator,

    Lesson 5: Leadership is an Intensely Individualistic Task,

    Lesson 6: Subsidiarity is a Contingent Craft,

    Lesson 7: Stakeholders Demand Consistent, Transparent Positioning,

    Lesson 8: Words are Important,

    Lesson 9: Protect the Leadership Asset,

    Lesson 10: Leadership is a Growth Process,

    Conclusion: The Science of Leadership,



    Brian D. Smith is an academic, author and advisor in the area of competitive strategy and has been described as the world’s leading authority on the evolution of the life sciences sector. He has 20 years of research experience at Europe’s leading business schools, has published over 300 books, papers and articles and provides strategy advice to many global companies in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors. He is an adjunct professor at SDA Bocconi, Milan and a visiting professor at the University of Hertfordshire, UK. This follows on from 20 years' experience in the pharma and medical device industry, first as a research chemist and then in an ascending series of marketing roles.

    "If leadership in the Life science Industry has always baffled you, this book is your key to unlock its mysteries. As the lessons provided are descriptive rather than prescriptive, it provides ample  "food" for reflection on what it takes to be a Leader in Lifesciences" - Jean Christophe Tellier, Chief Executive Officer, UCB

    "Professor Smith has collected insights into what makes healthcare different that are compelling, and they offer a unique lens through which to look at leadership and adapting to the challenges of our industry." - Louise Makin, Chief Executive Officer, BTG plc

    "Leadership in the Life Sciences. Nothing is more complex than human health. This makes leadership in life science so challenging and yet so rewarding. This book provides critical insights into leadership as a vital element in the mission to advance healthcare and the passion to pursue it very unique innovation" - Roland Diggelmann, former Chief Executive Officer, Roche Diagnostics

    "Brian Smith does a masterful job of synthesizing the hard-earned leadership experience from multiple industry veterans in an easy to access and thought provoking manner. I would bet that most, if not all, readers will be pushed to reflect on how they lead and what they might learn from those who have had learned and grown through the crucible of leading in the life science industry in the past decade" - Deborah Dunsire, Chief Executive Officer, Lundbeck